Why did the 2021 Tokyo Olympics use hydrogen-rich water as designated water?

Hydrogen-rich water, also known as hydrogen water, miracle water! Simply put, it is hydrogen-rich water.

People’s focus on hydrogen-rich water began in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in china. The Japanese national football team used hydrogen-rich water as designated water. At that time, hydrogen-rich water was given to athletes as a miracle water. Nowadays, hydrogen-rich water has become water that ordinary people can afford!

Why can hydrogen-rich water be used as designated water for the Olympic Games?

Medical research shows that hydrogen water can reduce the damage caused by intense exercise to the body.
Intense exercise can cause excessive production of active oxygen and free radical-mediated tissue damage. The use of effective antioxidants such as hydrogen can effectively neutralize active oxygen free radicals in the body and prevent Damage to the body caused by intense exercise. This is an important reason why hydrogen-rich water became the designated water for Japanese athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Reduce blood lactic acid levels, improve sports performance, and extend sports endurance.
In 2012, a professor from the School of Sports and Health at the University of Tsukuba in Japan did a study and found that drinking hydrogen-rich water after exercise can significantly reduce the blood lactic acid level of athletes, relieve fatigue and help athletes recover as soon as possible.

Relieve fatigue and accelerate body recovery
. Excessive production of active oxygen and decreased function of antioxidant defense system caused by exercise play an important role in skeletal muscle contraction dysfunction, leading to muscle weakness and fatigue.

Due to its small molecular weight, hydrogen can easily diffuse into tissues and remove toxic reactive oxygen species. For oxidative stress and sports injuries caused by exercise, hydrogen may be an effective and particularly innovative treatment method with the potential to improve exercise performance.

Warming up before exercise and sports
Warm up before sports

Hydrogen products are very popular in Japan.
By 2020, the output value of the hydrogen-rich water industry in Japan will reach 50 billion yen, with more than 120 hydrogen-rich water brands. Many foreign hydrogen-rich water manufacturers have cooperated with athletes. People continue to launch a variety of hydrogen medical and health products, forming a hydrogen health industry chain.

Considering the basic product types, there are three types of hydrogen health products: hydrogen water, hydrogen and bath. However, due to the rapid development of hydrogen products, the related standards are not perfect, and there are many fake and inferior products, it is particularly important to choose a guaranteed brand manufacturer.

H2 Life (Shenzhen Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Development Co., Ltd.) always adheres to a credible and responsible attitude to customers, and is the first in the industry to obtain CE EU quality and safety system certification, FCC US quality and safety system certification, WEEE certification, and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Inspection reports of other units.

In this extraordinary period, choosing a reliable and guaranteed hydrogen health product is the greatest guarantee for your health.


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