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Pure Hydrogen Machine (single / double version)

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Detailed Introduction

Pure Hydrogen Machine (single / double version)

1. Purity: High purity of hydrogen production, ≥99.99% Meet the requirements of the U.S. FDA food additives. EU standard

2. Flow rate: the output flow rate is sufficient, the actual flow rate of hydrogen output is consistent with the advertised flow rate of hydrogen output, no false propaganda.

3. No need to configure wetting bottle: breakthrough technology bottleneck, no need to configure wetting bottle. (Other hydrogen absorbers need to be equipped with wetting bottle because the hydrogen outlet will spray water if it is not equipped with wetting bottle, but the purity of hydrogen produced will be reduced if it is equipped with wetting bottle). Vapor and gas separation technology There will be water in the tube, and there are heat sinks all around, and there will be water in the condensation.

4. Long service life: it can be used for more than 10000 hours. (The service life of general hydrogen suction machine is 3000-5000 hours) Electrolysis water hydrogen, gas-water separation technology to water

5. Strong stability: on the one hand, the flow of hydrogen and the purity of hydrogen are unchanged, on the other hand, the product performance is stable and not easy to have quality problems.

6. Easy to operate and maintain, safe and efficient to use.

Specification of hydrogen suction machine: single suction 300ml/min,600ml/min. double suction hydrogen outlet 300ml/min.

7. True two-person hydrogen suction, which can be controlled individually

Double module hydrogen production and hydrogen output can guarantee the stable flow of hydrogen output and realize separate control of hydrogen suction port to avoid waste and loss.

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