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H2 Life Hydrogen water bottle

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Detailed Introduction


Drinking mainly enters the body by the digestive system, so drinking hydrogen water is more effective for digestive tract and gastrointestinal problems. Since drinking water directly passes through the mouth and throat to reach the intestines and stomach, and quickly spreads the intestines, internal organs and blood, it is more effective for periodontitis and gastrointestinal problems. The effect of constipation will be remarkable (the effect can be felt in about a week); 2. the effect of fighting against fatigue and alcohol is also very obvious (about half an hour); 3. the skin will become better, brighter and whiter, eliminating acne and light spots such as age spots, freckles, sun spots (about a month); 4. kidney stones will be improved in 1-3 months by drinking hydrogen water; diabetes and other comprehensive metabolic diseases (about three months have the effect, the amount of drugs used can be reduced, the amount of diabetes can be reduced. The amount of drugs used can be reduced, and diabetic patients should pay attention to the observation of blood sugar after use, and use the appropriate amount of insulin and other drugs according to the individual situation); 5. Gout can be relieved by drinking hydrogen water for about one month.






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