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Hydrogen water : Faster Sports Recovery

Actively participating in sports and fitness activities can not only enhance your health and physical fitness, but also can prevent various diseases, and shape a perfect body. However, both professional athletes and amateurs inevitably encounter the problems of sports fatigue and sports injuries. The vigorous exercise of the human body will produce a lot of free radicals, which are closely related to sports fatigue and sports muscle damage. Hydrogen’s ability to eliminate harmful free radicals and anti-oxidative damage helps prevent and reduce injuries caused by strenuous exercise.

The use of effective antioxidants such as hydrogen may reduce oxidative stress and active oxygen related functional disorders (such as fatigue, micro-injury, inflammation, excessive training). Moreover, high concentration of hydrogen water may help acidosis caused by exercise. In addition, clinical trials on the therapeutic effect of hydrogen on sports injuries are ongoing and show certain therapeutic effects.

Drinking hydrogen water can promote the recovery of muscle injury after sports. The earliest preliminary study observation time was 2 weeks, mainly for the repair of acute injury and inflammation of male professional athletes. In this scientific study  by Ostojic, Gonzalez, and Hoffman, 36 professional male athletes were randomly divided into 3 groups after the doctor’s examination and diagnosis. The control group was given routine soft tissue injury treatment. Within 48 hours of rest, ice, elastic bandage compression, and elevation of the injury part. Then follow-up with restorative exercises such as stretching, strength exercises, and weight-bearing exercises. In the first experimental group, 2 grams of hydrogen capsules were taken orally, and in the second experimental group, 2 grams of hydrogen capsules were taken orally and hydrogen water was applied externally (6 times per day for 20 minutes each time). All athletes were reviewed 7 and 14 days after injury. As a result, it was found that the recovery of joint motility had significantly faster recovery in the oral hydrogen capsule group.

Overall, hydrogen water can have a certain inhibitory effect on oxidative damage and inflammation caused by muscle ischemia and muscle exercise. Drinking hydrogen water can alleviate sports injuries. Hydrogen water can be used as an ideal tool for protecting sports injuries and improving sports functions.


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