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Can Hydrogen Water Help Freckles?

For every woman, color spots have always been something that people want to stay away from.

How did the color spots form?

Our skin is composed of two parts: epidermis and dermis. The epidermis plays a protective role.

There is a cell in the epidermis called melanocytes. In this cell, there is a special protein called “tyrosinase”. It has a catalytic effect, allowing melanocytes to produce melanin, which gives skin, eyes, and hair color. The main component of color spots is melanin.

There are two possible reasons for the occurrence of common spots:

one is the active or hyperplasia of epidermal melanocytes, which causes the increase of melanin bodies in the epidermis, which makes the skin black; in simple terms, it is not properly protected from the sun Measures, the skin is directly exposed to ultraviolet light.

The other is that the melanocytes fall into the dermis due to the destruction of the basal layer of the epidermis, forming pigmentophilic cells, which makes the skin black. For example, misuse of certain irritating skincare products or blemish medicine.

How to stay away from color spots

Supplement antioxidants
Reduced metabolism, reduced antioxidants, and reduced activity, resulting in melanin not being discharged, and the formation of spots. Daily supplementation of antioxidants can help clear free radicals in the body and promote metabolism.

As the substance with the strongest antioxidant capacity and the smallest volume, hydrogen does not cause any side effects on the human body. It can penetrate any cells and mitochondria in the body at will, selectively remove harmful free radicals in the body, reduce the generation of reactive oxygen species, and damage to oxidative stress. And it can accelerate the repair of damaged skin tissues and restore the skin to its original fairness and youth. Drinking 3-5 bottles of h2 life hydrogen water every day can be equivalent to the antioxidant effect of 756 bananas. The antioxidant effect is amazing!

Healthy life
A good body starts with a healthy and scientific lifestyle. Such as adequate sleep, healthy eating, a comfortable mood, a positive attitude, moderate exercise and drinking hydrogen rich water can reduce the formation of color spots.


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