Pregnant woman drinking hydrogen water

Can pregnant women and babies drink hydrogen water?

Hydrogen is an endogenous gas. There are many bacteria in the human intestinal tract. Some of these bacteria use sugars that we cannot absorb as a matrix to decompose to produce energy and accompany the production of hydrogen. The gas exhaled and discharged by the human body contains hydrogen.

In the current research results of hydrogen, it is found that hydrogen has obvious therapeutic effects on 166 various disease models and injuries of 33 diseases. Hydrogen is not only an effective treatment for diseases, but also a very safe substance. So far there is no evidence that hydrogen is toxic to organisms.

Why is it recommended that pregnant women drink hydrogen water?

Pregnant woman drinking hydrogen rich water

During pregnancy, pregnant women consume a lot to conceive the fetus, resulting in a decline in various functions. Hydrogen has significant resistance to cell mutations caused by ionizing radiation, thereby drinking hydrogen water can protect the fetus from radiation damage and protecting the normal development of the fetus.

By continuously drinking hydrogen water, it can improve immunity to prevent pregnant women from catching colds and fever, and avoid taking medication. Hydrogen water’s metabolic regulation on pregnant women can prevent urinary diabetes during pregnancy, hypertension, and tissue repair effects can promote pregnant women’s postpartum recovery.

Hydrogen water can also significantly reduce pregnancy reactions. As long as you continue to drink hydrogen-rich water from before pregnancy to early pregnancy, this phenomenon of vomiting will basically not appear. What’s more, some users’ pregnancy reaction is too light, and they realize that they are pregnant after five months of pregnancy. Some pregnant women have to be hospitalized due to pregnancy poisoning and high blood pressure during pregnancy. Some pregnant women drink hydrogen-rich water, and the symptoms disappear completely after two or three days.

Is that all the hydrogen-rich water on the market that pregnant women and babies can drink?

hydrogen rich water is completely safe for babies

Hydrogen and hydrogen-rich water also have quality problems, that is, purity and the content of harmful substances. There are many hydrogen-rich water cups on the market, which can be divided into two categories according to the hydrogen production method, chemical and electrolytic, of which the most are electrolyzed. However, there are ordinary electrolysis and SPE proton membrane oxyhydrogen separation electrolysis. Due to the process and water quality problems, there may be residual chlorine and ozone generated during the former electrolysis. If you drink a large amount, long-term hydrogen drinking will cause problems.

If a pregnant woman uses hydrogen-rich water, it is recommended to use a H2 Life hydrogen water bottle. The maximum concentration can reach 3700ppb in 9 minutes. In addition, the international advanced hydrogen and oxygen separation technology is adopted. The DuPont 117 membrane of the United States is selected and seven layers of platinum gold plating are performed on the membrane to ensure the complete separation of hydrogen and oxygen. The produced hydrogen water contains no other gas and metal elements harmful to human body.

H2 Life hydrogen water bottle, it has the strong ability to produce hydrogen and the separation of hydrogen and oxygen. The produced hydrogen water has a better taste and is particularly suitable for the needs of the human body.


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