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Common questions with drinking hydrogen-rich water

You may have some question about drinking hydrogen rich water. Here I am trying to clarify some of your questions with explanation.

1. Isn’t hydrogen insoluble in water? How can hydrogen-rich water prevent diseases ?
Hydrogen is soluble in water. Under standard conditions, the solubility of hydrogen is 1.83%. 1.83% means that at most 1.83 ml of hydrogen can be dissolved per 100 ml of water.
The solubility is indeed relatively small, but in biology, the solubility is about 0.8mM, which means that about 1.6mg of hydrogen is dissolved per 1 liter of water. In the field of medical biology, both mM and mg are relatively large units. Many of the drugs we take are mostly in this order of magnitude.
If we have doubts about the solubility of hydrogen, we can compare the solubility of another important gas, the solubility of oxygen. The solubility of oxygen under standard conditions is 2.4%, which is very close to the solubility of hydrogen 1.83%. If oxygen is considered insoluble or poorly soluble in water, then fish living in water cannot breathe oxygen.

2. water hydrogen-rich drink it legal ?
In the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China, hydrogen has entered the scope of national laws as a food additive with no dose restriction. Hydrogen rich water is not any drug so it should be legal everywhere. Water comes in normal food category, so hydrogen-added water is also a food category.

3. Can  hydrogen-rich water be kept for a while before drinking ?
The flexibility and penetrating power of hydrogen have been introduced earlier. Hydrogen dissolved in water is particularly easy to escape from the water to the air. The hydrogen concentration in the water that is normally prepared drops quickly, and most of the hydrogen-rich water is natural active hydrogen. The water concentration drops slowly, and it is recommended to drink hydrogen water immediately, and it is better to drink it as soon as possible. H2 Life hydrogen water bottle have high dissolution time , after 12 hours without opening lid hydrogen concentration remains 1700ppb in H2 Life’s water bottle.

4. Water bottles can hold hydrogen in it and can carry out?
No, the hydrogen permeability is very strong. Ordinary plastic, glass or even stainless steel can’t restrain it. The hydrogen in the glass bottle will quickly escape from the water to the air. The hydrogen water can only be placed in a sealed aluminum alloy kettle or The concentration can be maintained in the water cup for a period of time, so the hydrogen-rich water is packaged in Japan imported plastic-free resin aluminum foil. H2 Life hydrogen water bottle is made to maintain very high concentration and it’s easy to carry with you.

5. How  much hydrogen water is useful ?
Many hydrogen water products use ppb as the unit, which means one part in billion. This is a standardized unit, mainly because Japanese scholars studying hydrogen lack a background in gas medicine and use mass ratio as the unit. Chinese companies imitate Japanese habits and also adopt this unit of measurement. Essentially, the principle of drinking water is to drink as much as possible when the physical condition allows. The same principle applies to drinking hydrogen-rich water. Clinical studies have found that blood lipids decrease after drinking 1000 ml of hydrogen-rich water a day for two months. Japanese scholars have found that drinking 1000 ml of hydrogen water a day for 48 weeks (nearly 1 year) can improve the clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease patients. It should be reminded here that drinking hydrogen-rich water will not have an immediate effect, and it needs long-term persistence.

6. Can  hydrogen-rich water be taken with other health foods or drugs ? Does hydrogen react with other drugs ?
It is currently believed that considering the relatively stable chemical properties of hydrogen, in general, hydrogen water can be taken with commonly used drugs, and food is not a problem.
In short, in theory, there is generally no problem with hydrogen-rich water as a medication carrier, but because the current research in this area is not sufficient, it is not recommended to use hydrogen-rich water for medication to avoid accidents.

7. Drinking hydrogen-rich water for a short period of time, why does it have a sustained effect ?
After drinking hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen lasts for a short time in the body, no more than 3 hours in the human body. The animal has a faster breathing cycle and a shorter duration. The reason for the sustained effect may be the activation of other signal pathways in the body. This activated physiological pathway has a continuous characteristic, similar to the long-term effects of anesthetic gases and drugs.
This effect should be related to gene expression or protein activity. Relevant studies on the role of hydrogen in preventing diseases can explain this. For example, if rats are inhaled hydrogen for 7 days, and after 24 hours (at this time, there is basically no hydrogen in the body), the animals are given cerebral ischemia. The degree of ischemia is reduced in mice, which may be a proof of sustained effect.

8. When  drinking hydrogen-rich water, can hydrogen be absorbed from the digestive tract ? How is it absorbed ?
Gas can be completely absorbed from the digestive tract, which conforms to the law of substance diffusion. Gas dissolves in liquid or water, which is no different from other substances such as glucose or salt. Glucose can be absorbed by the digestive tract, and gas can also be absorbed, all through diffusion, from the high concentration part to the low concentration part.
Gas entering and leaving the cell needs to pass through gas channels on the cell membrane. Modern research evidence has found that similar to ions, gases also require gas channels. Small molecule gases generally borrow cell membrane channels from other substances. For example, a water channel is proven to be a gas channel. Gas can enter or leave the cell across the water channel according to a concentration gradient.

9. Is it necessary for  healthy people to drink hydrogen-rich water ?
Even the truly healthy people who have no clear physical problems have the need for physical aging and disease prevention as they age. The question now is whether there are truly healthy people?
My point is very clear, everyone should drink hydrogen-rich water, even as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In the long run, people will age gradually, and it is difficult to avoid illness. From the perspective of disease prevention and delaying aging, health should start from an early age, healthy habits should be developed from an early age, and prevention must be as early as possible.

This issue is more worthy of attention, because it is more hoped that hydrogen is used as a means of disease prevention. For large-scale applications, especially in the field of primary prevention, most people are not willing to treat themselves better. Most people don’t think of treatment until they are really sick.


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