Inhaling hydrogen can improve sleep

Does inhaling hydrogen help improve the quality of sleep?

People with insomnia have a sense of loneliness that is forgotten by the whole world. Inhaling hydrogen gas and drinking hydrogen water can effectively improve insomnia and improve quality of sleep. It turns out that this is justified. Some scholars have experimented with hydrogen-containing water to see how hydrogen water can improve sleep quality and improve insomnia.

Inhaling hydrogen improve sleep

If you don’t sleep well, inhaling hydrogen can help you improve your sleep quality. Because this important feature of hydrogen scavenging free radicals is that it can improve sleep quality. In 2014, Osaka City University in Japan conducted an experiment. Twenty-six healthy ordinary people, half of them males and females, with an average age of 34.4 years old, conducted the four-week experiment. The content of the experiment was to divide the 26 subjects into two groups. One group consumed hydrogen-containing water in the morning and evening with a concentration of 0.8-1.2 ppm in prime water, and the other group drank ordinary drinking water in exactly the same package. Randomized double-blind experiments were conducted. Double-blind means that neither the experimenter nor the subject knows who is drinking hydrogen-containing water and who is drinking ordinary drinking water. Four weeks later, using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index mentioned above, it was found that the total PSQI score of the group that drank hydrogen-rich water was significantly reduced, indicating that the quality of sleep was improved, as shown in the figure below:

Study of hydrogen inhalation on sleep

The study found that in the group drinking hydrogen-rich water, the sympathetic nerve activity during sleep was significantly weakened at the end of four weeks, which proved the improvement of sleep quality, as shown in the figure below:

Study on sleep

This research is different from hydrogen molecular medicine, most of which are cell and animal experiments. This time, the human double-blind test is used and the effect is remarkable. It is a bright spot.

Many customers report that inhaling hydrogen through a hydrogen inhaler can improve insomnia. This is because too many free radicals in the body will attack brain cells, causing confusion in the mind, decreased sleep quality, etc. The biggest feature of hydrogen is that hydrogen is currently known as a fast and tiny endogenous free radical scavenger, which can effectively neutralize The malignant free radicals in the body become water and excreted from the body. Keep free radicals in the body in a balanced state, thereby deepening sleep, improving sleep quality, repairing system functions from the most basic cellular level of the human body, and improving sleep quality.

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