hydrogen rich water bath

Effects of hydrogen rich water bath

Hydrogen-dissolved water has been shown to improve diverse oxidation stress-related diseases, which drove researchers to examine effects of hydrogen-rich water on oxidation stress-related skin troubles and lipid-metabolism markers. In this article we are going to see research made on effects of hydrogen rich water bath on body and skin.

Study Hydrogen-rich water decreases the leg skin blotch :
The effects of hydrogen-rich water bath treatment on decreasing blotches are shown in picture below . After immersing in hydrogen-rich water bath once a day for 1 month, the spots decreased and the densely brownish color became lighter.

Hydrogen rich water bath effects

Hydrogen-rich water improves the skin appearance :
Effects and improvements on the skin after hydrogen-rich water bath treatment are shown in figure below. After 1 month, the dense colored spots became lighter, concurrently with moisturized feeling, texture adjustment, and transparent appearance. Furthermore, the pimples on the back and on the chest disappeared considerably and the redness diminished.

Benefits of hydrogen rich water bath

Hydrogen-rich water decreases the visceral fat :
The suppressive effects on the visceral fat are shown in figure. Before the test, two transverse wrinkles and four radial wrinkles around the navel and abdominal bulge near the belt were observed. One month after starting the test, the abdominal circumference decreased from 79 to 74 cm and the abdominal wrinkles disappeared. After 3 months of hydrogen-rich water immersion, the visceral fat area decreased from 47 to 36 cm2 and the belly of the subjects who were originally slender became firmer. The suppressive effects on another subject are shown in figure. After a month of hydrogen-rich water bathing, the abdominal circumference decreased from 91 to 82 cm.

Effect of hydrogen water bath on cholesterol and glucose metabolism :
Results of the blood biochemical test revealed that the low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol level decreased markedly after 6 months and that the fasting blood glucose level also improved.

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