Effects of hydrogen water on skin

Effects of hydrogen water on smoother, wrinkle-free skin

They say the more your body will be hydrated more it will glow, and rightly so. However, new hydrogen water therapy is more effective than regular water. Effects of hydrogen water can make your skin smoother, wrinkle free. How? Let’s find out!

Beautiful and clear skin is the reflection of what is getting into your body. The miraculous effects of hydrogen-rich water in improving overall skin health is evident from different studies. The layer beneath the outermost epidermis, referred to as the dermis, consists mainly of type-1 collagen. The top reason for most skin damage is the oxidative stress that eventually decreases the dermis’ collagen level. This less amount of collagen can then lead to changes in skin texture, loss in skin firm firmness, impeded healing, and eventually lots of wrinkles.

It is evident in many kinds of research that the main cause of oxidative stress is sunlight. The UVA rays present in the sunlight can increase the collagen-destroying enzyme production, contributing to skin damage. One way to minimize this UVA related damage to the skin is correct supplementation of anti-oxidants.

Effects of hydrogen water for skin


Hydrogen as potent anti-oxidant

Molecular hydrogen is found to be one of the most potent anti-oxidants. Therefore, to study the effect of hydrogen-rich water against skin damage contributed by oxidative stress, research is conducted. Certain experiments were performed to determine the impact of hydrogen-rich water in enhancing collagen production and decreasing keratin damage compared to regular water. The experiment analyzed whether daily bathing from hydrogen water suppresses the formation of wrinkles.

Different sets of fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) were treated with hydrogen-rich water and regular water and then exposed to 1.2 Joules/cm2 two times a day. Initially, exposure to UVA caused collagenase production; however, the effects were alleviated by hydrogen-rich water and regular water. After many rounds of experiments, it was found that the production of collagenase type-1 was more evident when hydrogen-rich water was applied.

Hydrogen as keratinocyte protectant

When hydrogen-rich water was exposed to the cells before the application of UVA, it showed to maintain the keratinocyte’s viability. On the other hand, regular water wasn’t as effective in protecting the keratin-producing cells.

The rate of apoptosis in fibroblasts was also observed to decrease with hydrogen-rich water.

Concluding Words

From the above experiments, it can be concluded that hydrogen-rich water’s anti-oxidant property can decrease the effects of harmful UVA rays, leading to skin aging and wrinkling. Hydrogen is also shown to enhance the production of skin collagen type-1and decrease the destruction of keratin cells. All these benefits of hydrogen come with zero side-effects; therefore, drinking, sprinkling, or bathing in the hydrogen-rich water is absolutely safe.

Beautiful and young skin comes from whatever you put in your body. The proper nutrients and water intake can make your skin glow, and if you want to speed up the anti-aging effect, there is nothing better than hydrogen-rich water. If you’re going to invest in miraculous hydrogen water, we recommend taking H2Life hydrogen water. Our hydrogen products are safe and effective. Start taking care of your skin and yourself today!


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