Exercise athletes and hydrogen water

Emerging health methods: Hydrogen + Exercise

Healthy Lifestyle

Modern people’s lifestyle-related diseases are more serious. The most effective way to solve the problem is to first stick to a good lifestyle for a long time, or to improve a bad lifestyle. In a good lifestyle, exercise is the most recognized by everyone, and it is also a clear and beneficial way. 

Although exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle, there are also some problems. such as excessive exercise can cause physical harm and vigorous exercise is not only harmful to health but also leads to disease.


Mr. Tyler W LeBaron and Ismail Laher, Department of Anesthesiology and Pharmacology, University of British Columbia, Canada, published a review that systematically describes the application of hydrogen in sports medicine, especially regarding hydrogen as a sports simulator is the most worth learning and understanding. At the Taian Academic Conference in 2016, Tyler once talked about this subject. This review is currently published in Can J Physiol Pharmacol.

Tylor at conference
Tyler W LeBaron at Conference

Hydrogen’s Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Medical research shows that hydrogen has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These effects make hydrogen also attractive in the field of sports medicine. Exercise has multiple biological effects and can reduce the risk of various diseases. Exercise is similar to many fitness methods and medicines, and can also have an adverse effect on the human body. For example, elite athletes perform long-term high-intensity exercise, and occasionally high-intensity exercise by untrained individuals can cause damage to the body. The pathophysiology of sports injury includes tissue inflammation and oxidative stress, which can further cause cell damage and disease.

Hydrogen is different from classic antioxidants Because the reduction is relatively mild. It does not affect the signal or physiological effect of active oxygen and only neutralizes the strong oxidizing free radicals that cause damage. The benefits of exercise are mainly injury stimulation to activate the body’s anti-injury effect.

Hydrogen can add more health promotion factors while relieving sports injuries. More importantly, hydrogen is a simple method that is more acceptable and habitual than sports. As long as you want, hydrogen can be activated anytime, anywhere. It is best to combine sports + hydrogen.

Hydrogen bottle
H2Life Portable Hydrogen water bottle


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