Best hydrogen inhalation machine

Things you must know about home use hydrogen inhalation machines

1. Don’t rush for hydrogen inhalation
The first time you use the hydrogen inhalation machine, it is recommended to increase slowly from 15 minutes, and double the dose every 2-3 days (young people can increase it quickly, and the elderly can increase it slowly). If there is serious discomfort during the increase process Or chest tightness and dizziness, return to the original dose and concentration as soon as possible and adapt to a period of time. It is not recommended for those who are eager to see the effect in a short time.

2. The concentration of hydrogen inhalation
For those who suffer from many diseases and are very weak, we recommend that the flow rate be controlled around 300ml when starting to absorb hydrogen within 15 minutes (It turns out that many people still have serious reactions if they directly start inhaling higher flow rate (600ml/minute or more) for long time), If you have blood pressure problem measure your blood pressure before and after hydrogen inhalation. If your blood pressure rises after inhaling hydrogen, or if you feel uncomfortable during the process, or you feel uncomfortable within 2 hours, don’t inhale hydrogen for the time being. It is better to drink hydrogen water for a period of time.

3. Hydrogen inhalation time
The longer the hydrogen inhalation time, the better. This is our preliminary conclusion based on the current experimental research results. However, this suggestion is for various intractable and critically ill patients. Is it useful to inhale less? Yes, for health care and some chronic disease conditioning, 1-2 hours a day of hydrogen inhalation can exert a protective effect on the body. Hydrogen inhalation is a long-term adherence method. First of all, it cannot be used for a long time from the beginning.

the most important is! Not everyone needs to inhale hydrogen for a long time, especially the elderly with arteriosclerosis. The blood vessel conditioning cycle is very long. If it is not because of some life-saving diseases (just needed, such as tumors, immune diseases, etc.), the first to start to inhale hydrogen It is generally recommended to 1-2 hours a day for a year!

4. Difference in hydrogen inhalation.
There may be such a phenomenon around us. Some people have purchased a hydrogen inhalation machine and their health has been significantly improved, while some people have purchased and used it for a period of time without any change. At this time, they will suspect hydrogen effect. But we need to understand that there are individual differences in hydrogen inhalation machines. Some companies machine’s output flow rate is not same as what they described and it dramatically drops after using it for some time. If hydrogen flow rate is not enough and not stable, effects won’t be same.
On the one hand, each person’s physique is different, and on the other hand, it is due to the different time of action . Just like using a hydrogen water foot bath, some people feel very refreshed in an instant, and some people can’t feel it, but as long as you stick to it, you can feel the effect.

Stand out from crowd

Of course, after fully understanding the relevant knowledge of the hydrogen inhalation machine, we still need to choose a mechanical equipment with better product quality. H2 Life insists on independent R&D and production and has obtained a number of domestic and foreign qualifications. The H2 life hydrogen inhalation machine uses SPE polymer proton exchange membrane for solid-state electrolysis. Only pure water is added to produce hydrogen with a purity of more than 99.99%. , Sold in many countries, good reputation witnesses good quality.


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