hydrogen water bottle from h2life

High-concentration hydrogen-rich water bottle to protect your health

Drinking water is something every one of us does every day . We change ordinary water into hydrogen-rich water and produce hydrogen quickly in 3 minutes. As long as such an exquisite hydrogen-powered hydrogen-rich water cup, you can drink hydrogen-rich water at any time. Drinking water is a simple and convenient way to protect your health. Moreover, hydrogen-rich water has a normal taste of water, is more easily absorbed, and is suitable for all ages. It has been widely accepted by Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, and has been favored by middle- and high-income families in my country.

According to a research report by Professor Ota of Japan , hydrogen itself is a superior antioxidant. Because hydrogen molecules are very tiny, they can quickly penetrate into the body, penetrate the cell membrane, and neutralize with malignant oxygen free radicals to form water and exit the body. More importantly, hydrogen molecules can repair damaged oxidized cells.

H2 Life uses imported food-grade Korean materials, uses it with confidence, introduces foreign advanced technology and manufacturing, and brings high-quality hydrogen-rich water cups to consumers. The produced hydrogen-rich water contains high concentrations The hydrogen water is tested without ozone and chlorine, which is safe, reliable and durable. H2 Life integrates R&D and production, and the after-sales are more guaranteed.

According to research by scientists , the higher the hydrogen content, the greater the effect on the human body. There are two hydrogen production stalls for h2 life hydrogen water bottle. The average concentration of hydrogen produced in 3 minutes is above 1700ppb, and the average concentration of hydrogen produced in nine minutes is above 3700ppb.

The hydrogen-rich water bottle of H2 Life is a face-saving gift whether it is office, travel, or gift giving. It is healthy and atmospheric.


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