Hydrogen inhaler for the body

How can hydrogen inhalation can help the body? And is it safe?

There are still a lot of people a lot of doubts, especially on the role of hydrogen inhalation, how hydrogen inhalation can help with the body? And is it safe to inhale hydrogen from inhalation machine from H2 life ?

How can hydrogen inhalation help the body?

1. Inhalation of hydrogen is health care, which means saving money. Theoretically speaking, the more diligent the inhalation of hydrogen, the less the cost for treatment in the future. No one has ever lost money because of health care, but many of them are impoverished because of diseases!

2. Today, when air pollution is particularly serious, inhaling a little hydrogen every day can neutralize the malignant oxygen free radicals in the human body, restore the original functions and immunity of the human body, and the body will become more relaxed and healthy.

3. Just consider that hydrogen absorption is a process of relaxing the whole body, a process of concentrating, and a process of calming down. This kind of time is also precious and rare.

4. If our parents absorb hydrogen and are healthy, then we are happy. If we absorb hydrogen ourselves and have a good body, then we will not have a burden on the next generation.

Hydrogen inhaler for the body

Is it safe to inhale hydrogen from a hydrogen inhaler?

After long-term research by hydrogen medical experts, hydrogen is very safe for the human body. Even if an excessive amount of hydrogen is inhaled at one time, only anesthesia will occur. This anesthesia will not cause toxic harm to the body, and the safety is higher than that of nitrogen. , Higher than oxygen. In November 2016, Japan has included hydrogen as an advanced medical treatment category B.

The quality of the hydrogen spring hydrogen ventilator is no problem at all. The products have long been certified by the European Union CE certification, the United States FCC certification, the Japanese PSE certification and the China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

The hydrogen inhalation machine adopts the core of SPE method electrolysis technology, adopts DuPont 117 membrane, platinum plating, and will not precipitate harmful impurities during the hydrogen production process. It can achieve a hydrogen purity of more than 99.99%, which meets the requirements of US FDA food additives.


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