How does sub-health adjust and recover quickly?

What do the big names in the medical world say?

Sub-health is no stranger to everyone. Although many people don’t care too much, people who pay attention to health preservation will find ways to eliminate sub-health, improve immunity and self-vigilance. Today I will talk to you about what is sub-health. ?How to adjust the sub-health to recover quickly?

Sub Health

1. What is sub-health?

Sub-health means that although the body is not sick, there are still some minor problems in itself, such as low metabolism, poor sleep quality, feeling very tired every day, frequent headaches, emotional disturbance, inefficient work, backaches and backaches Leg cramps, etc., sub-health is also called the third state of the human body. If it is not taken seriously, it will become a disease over time. For this reason, we should pay attention to sub-health.

2. How to adjust and recover sub-health quickly?

In fact, there are many ways to treat sub-health. Wherever your body is uncomfortable, you can deal with it. It seems very simple, but it is actually more difficult to do. For example, if the quality of sleep is not good, you think you can improve the environment, adjust the lighting, Can I sleep well by controlling the temperature? In fact, for sub-healthy conditioning, try hydrogen-rich water, because hydrogen has the effects of anti-oxidation, boosting immunity, alleviating fatigue, improving sleep and promoting metabolism, which is beneficial to sub-healthy body The help is really great.

Third, hydrogen can improve sub-health? What do the medical experts say?

1. Professor Zhong Nanshan talks about the benefits and functions of hydrogen-rich water:

2. From Shanghai Second Military Medical University-Sun Xuejun’s sharing: “People cannot live without oxygen, and people cannot live without hydrogen.”

3. The chief professor of the Institute of Geriatrics of Japan Medical University-Ota Naruo published a research on the improvement and prevention of diseases by a small amount of hydrogen in the internationally renowned medical journal “Natural Medicine”, and proposed the concept of selective hydrogen oxidation.

Fourth, which one in the market is doing better in hydrogen research and development?

There are many hydrogen brands on the market, but after comparing hydrogen production technology, hydrogen dissolving technology, food-grade imported materials and service life, the advantages of H2 life are more obvious. The average hydrogen production is 1500ppb in 3 minutes, and the highest in 9 minutes. The hydrogen production capacity is 3700ppb, which is much stronger than the market’s 700-1000ppb hydrogen production capacity, and the service life is as high as 5000 hours. All the materials in contact with water are imported from South Korea’s top food-grade materials, which are safe and durable. Electrodes and membrane are coated with platinum.


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