Heart problems alleviated by hydrogen

How Hydrogen Kills Cancer at an Early Stage

Hydrogen anti-tumor test As early as 1975, Dole et al. Used high pressure to treat mice with squamous cell carcinoma for 2 weeks of respiratory hydrogen therapy. The results show that hydrogen as a free radical decay catalyst can induce the degradation of skin cancer, but due to the high pressure of breathing hydrogen, it is difficult to be widely used, so this study has not received widespread attention.

Hydrogen and cancer

Hydrogen molecules can treat diseases mainly due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The occurrence of most malignant tumors is often the result of the gradual accumulation of chronic inflammation. Active oxygen is also an important factor affecting tumorigenesis, and the level of oxidation in tumor cells is higher than that of normal cells. Existing cell experiments and animal models have shown that hydrogen molecules can prevent the occurrence of chronic inflammation-related cancers, inhibit the growth of various tumor cells, improve the survival rate of tumor-bearing animals, and can improve the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy drugs.

At present, there are three main ways for the human body to ingest hydrogen: drinking hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen inhalation machine, and hydrogen bath.

As the smallest molecule in the universe, hydrogen can freely travel through the body and reach all parts of the body. Even if the cell membrane, it will not prevent its spread in the body, so it is quickly absorbed by the body.

H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine:

When inflammation occurs, it causes “over-oxidation”. Choose the H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine, the purity of hydrogen is up to 99.99%. Hydrogen can selectively neutralize those ROS (active oxygen). Hydrogen has high permeability and can enter cells including mitochondria, which can greatly shorten the recovery time of patients.

Hydrogen inhaler

For healthy people, using a hydrogen ventilator for 30 minutes a day can play a role in improving health

H2 Life hydrogen water bottle:

The hydrogen produced by the h2 life hydrogen water bottle combines with the ROS that the human body does not need to form water.
Compared with the hydrogen concentration of 800-1200 ppb on the market, the average concentration of the h2 life hydrogen water bottle is 1600 ppb. The concentration of hydrogen produced in 9 minutes is up to 3700ppb. At present, it has obtained relevant qualification certifications such as CE, WEEE, and China Water Quality Test Report.

For normal adults, it is recommended to drink 1.5L of hydrogen water every day, which can improve sub-health and prevent and improve diseases.

H2 Spa Device:

With H2 Spa Device, hydrogen molecules can quickly enter the skin cell membrane in a short time, neutralizing malignant oxygen free radicals, to achieve a health and beauty effect.

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to take a hydrogen bath 2-3 times a week.

But don’t buy fake and inferior products on the market, you must go to regular manufacturers to buy safe and secure hydrogen products for your health.


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