Long Dissolution Time

How long can the hydrogen in the bottle be stored? Long dissolution time

Hydrogen has strong diffusibility and permeability. It is the smallest and lightest molecule, so the hydrogen in the hydrogen bottle can be easily released from the water. Some friends who are interested in drinking hydrogen water often have these questions, “Does the produced hydrogen water need to be consumed immediately? How long can the hydrogen in the hydrogen bottle be stored?” H2 life hydrogen water bottle have long dissolution time.

Long Dissolution Time

Most hydrogen water bottle manufacturer produces very cheap water bottles with old traditional technology and cheap materials,so they don’t reach the quality standard usually people are looking for as it affects the quality of hydrogen water as well as effectiveness of hydrogen. Medical professors have shown through experiments that the escape speed of hydrogen in the hydrogen bottle is not as fast as everyone imagined. Especially the hydrogen bottle that adopts the dissolution technology can better preserve the hydrogen, but the hydrogen bottles on the market rarely use the dissolution technology, so when buying a hydrogen bottle, it is recommended to make a choice after understanding it. Usually normal hydrogen water bottles available in the market have lower dissolution time and hydrogen gas escape from the water because they don’t have advance dissolution technology. H2 life have very long dissolution time of hydrogen in hydrogen water bottle and without opening lid

If you still don’t know how to filter, you can consider H2 life. Their hydrogen bottles use internationally advanced SPE electrolysis technology, complete hydrogen and oxygen separation and high hydrogen dissolution technology. The hydrogen concentration can reach more than 3700ppb which is very high concentration when it is produced. Even after 1 hour of hydrogen production, the hydrogen content only drops by 100-200ppb, and a high concentration of hydrogen can still be maintained in the hydrogen bottle. After 12 hours without opening lid of hydrogen water bottle of h2 life, hydrogen concentration remains 1700ppb which is still very high.


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