Best hydrogen rich water bottle

How long can the hydrogen water bottle last? – Service life of bottle

How long can the hydrogen water bottle last? What is service life of hydrogen water bottle? This needs to be judged according to a variety of conditions, such as advanced electrolysis technology, hydrogen dissolution technology and technical safety design, etc. The following is a brief introduction to H2 life.

Best hydrogen rich water bottle

To choose a hydrogen bottle, in addition to knowing the service life of the hydrogen water bottle, it is also necessary to understand the electrolysis technology, dissolution technology and material safety of the hydrogen water bottle. The H2 life Hydrogen water bottle adopts the international advanced SPE electrolysis technology, and the hydrogen and oxygen are separated thoroughly. In the material selection, imported food-grade materials are used, and the drinking water is safe and durable. 

H2 life have hydrogen water bottle in which electrodes and membrane in hydrogen generator are coated with platinum. All the components and materials are of world class quality and imported from different parts of the world where they have best quality. Additionally, H2 life water bottle have one unique feature of pressure release valve in the lid of the bottle, which helps to expand life of the water bottle by controlling pressure generated during hydrogen production. Moreover, with exhaust design of the bottle, there is hole in the bottom of the bottle from where harmful gases like chlorine and ozone can be out and not mix with water and there is pure hydrogen water generates in the bottle.

Overall, normally life of other brands hydrogen water bottles are around 1 year or so, after that it’s of no use. The life of hydrogen water bottle from H2 life have higher than that of the hydrogen bottle on the market. H2 life water bottle have service life of more than 5000 hours, and the use time is several years.


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