Effective hydrogen inhalation machine

How long should we use hydrogen inhalation for effective results?

How long is the best time for hydrogen inhalation : Inhalation of hydrogen for a fixed time for a fixed period of time is to inhale hydrogen regularly and periodically is better than a single hydrogen inhalation that lasts for a long time. The effect of intermittent inhalation of hydrogen is better than continuous breathing. Lot of people are wondering that how long one should use hydrogen inhalation for effective results and is there any harmful effects for over inhaled hydrogen?

Hydrogen is not toxic. Is it better if inhaled longer time?

How to use it is a common problem in this field. It is easier to accept that the more the better, it is to inhale as much as possible, the inhalation concentration is high enough, and the overall is to increase the dose. Some people think that it is unnecessary to inhale too much hydrogen, because whether it is to increase the concentration or extend the inhalation time, it will bring difficulties to practical applications. Hydrogen medical research is still at a relatively early stage, and there are very few research data on the dose-effect relationship. In fact, there is currently no clear and unified view in the entire field on how to use it to obtain better efficacy.

Hydrogen inhalation time effective

The more the better is a basic attitude and principle, but is it really the more the better? To what extent is it necessary to inhale high-pressure hydrogen inhalation to achieve the best effective results? Is it better for a small concentration to extend the time, or simply to increase the hydrogen inhalation concentration? These are no research conclusions. The more hydrogen is inhaled, the better is just a simple logic, based on the fact that hydrogen is not toxic to the human body, so in order to achieve the desired effect, you should take as much hydrogen as possible. The more the better, it seems more reasonable, but medicine does not rely solely on theory, it needs research evidence to speak. At least the more the better, it will bring complexity and risks to practical applications. After all, hydrogen is a flammable gas, and safe use must be considered.

Based on feelings and experience, Hydrogen Energy Spring believes that there should be a certain interval in the use of hydrogen, or directly referred to as the “hydrogen interval inhalation method”. It is to try to avoid breathing hydrogen for a long time. This long time has two meanings. One is that the single continuous inhalation time should not be too long, and the other means that you should not inhale hydrogen for a long time without interval. This interval may be an important factor affecting the long-term.

Effective Hydrogen inhalation

For example, multiple times a day, at intervals of each time, the most basic principle is that the inhalation and rest time should be as consistent as possible, the inhalation time should not exceed the rest time, and the continuous inhalation should not be used. Of course, long-period inhalation is also possible, such as inhaling during sleep at night and not inhaling during the day, so that the rhythm of the body state can be adjusted with sleep. The other one should work with other rhythms as much as possible, such as three meals a day as a node, and inhalation for 1-2 hours after a meal. Specific methods can be discussed. Take a moderate rest after inhaling for a period of time, such as 2 days a week, or 1 week a month, etc. The specific plan needs to be explored.

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