Reliable hydrogen generator manufacturer

How to select reliable hydrogen generator manufacturers?

Nowadays there are many manufacturers of hydrogen generators, but only a few are ranked well. Although many manufacturers produce hydrogen generators, the concentration and purity of hydrogen produced are not high, and they still contain a lot of impurities and harmful substances, for this reason, H2 life will share with you how to select reliable hydrogen generator manufacturers, and those who are interested can continue to have a look.

reliable hydrogen generator

How to choose a reliable hydrogen generator manufacturer?

1. Look at the purity of hydrogen production: Whether it is possible to regulate high-purity hydrogen, many hydrogen generator manufacturers can achieve a hydrogen purity between 95% and 99.99%, and the higher the hydrogen purity, the better.

2. Look at the output flow: 150ml/min, 300ml/min and 600ml/min are available on the market. The larger the output flow, the more obvious the effect.

3. See if there is a humidification bottle: Many hydrogen generators will be equipped with a humidification bottle, which will affect the purity and cause the purity of the hydrogen produced to decrease. Therefore, it is best to choose a hydrogen generator that does not have a humidification bottle.

When it comes to the ranking of hydrogen generator manufacturers, who is more reliable? It is recommended that you can first understand the hydrogen generators in Chuanghui.

The Chuanghui Hydrogen Generator is a high-tech product that electrolyzes pure water to produce hydrogen with high purity. Its core SPE electrode is a catalytic electrode with high activity and zero pole pitch formed by the combination of a composite catalyst and an ion membrane. It has a high degree of electrical automation and produces The hydrogen purity is high and the output flow is large. The electrical control of the hydrogen generator is mainly composed of three parts: power supply, control panel, and parameter collection. It is easy to use, simple and reliable. The hydrogen generator does not have a humidifying bottle, which can better inhale hydrogen. The hydrogen flow rate is designed scientifically, and the hydrogen flow rate is as high as 300ml + / min, which is in line with the 2% concentation inhalation flow rate, and the produced hydrogen has high purity. It has an LED display and simple buttons to provide a convenient operating experience. The instrument is equipped with 2L of purified water (or double distilled water) to meet the daily demand for hydrogen absorption.

The market share of the hydrogen generator is more reflected in its product design and equipment stability. Each brand of product design says that it is good, but it cannot be intuitively reflected from the parameters. The equipment stability is also matter. You can only know after the experience. Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate a certain model of hydrogen generator before it has been used, so it is one of the ways to look more at the product market share. The hydrogen generators are exported to more than a dozen countries overseas. Good reputation and large market share.


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