Drinking hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen Bottle: Healthy Drinking Hydrogen-Rich Water Experience

Japan is the country that first realized the value of drinking hydrogen-rich water to athletes. It can be seen that Japanese athletes are drinking hydrogen-rich water in various sports events, which can improve athletes’ athletic ability and reduce oxidative damage. The ordinary people drink hydrogen-rich water for a long time it can enhance health and keep the body at a high level. With the development of technology, it is no longer a problem for us drinking hydrogen-rich water. As long as we buy a portable hydrogen-rich water bottle, we can make hydrogen water anytime and anywhere, and drink it healthily.

The hydrogen water bottle is a bottle for making hydrogen water. The hydrogen water bottle is generally divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the water cup, and the lower part is the hydrogen production base, including electrodes and battery. When you need to drink hydrogen water, you only need to touch the switch, and the lower electrode will start to generate hydrogen. It only takes 3 minutes to generate high concentration hydrogen water. It is made and used now, and it is also a hydrogen product with relatively high sales volume of many brands.

Healthy drinking hydrogen water

There are three ways to use the H2 life water bottle. When you go out, you can use the hydrogen water generator with mineral water bottles on the market. You can also put the special hydrogen absorption cup cover and the hydrogen absorption tube on, so that hydrogen can be absorbed during the hydrogen production process, and it can be integrated normally. Hydrogen production in the water bottle, the touch switch for twice to turned on 3 minutes mode to produce hydrogen, touched 3 times to turn on for 9 minutes to produce hydrogen, the hydrogen production concentration is high, the average of 3 minutes is more than 1700ppb, the average of 9 minutes is more than 3300ppb, and the highest of 9 minutes can reach 3700ppb. The produced hydrogen water can be used to make tea, coffee, milk powder, etc. It can also be used to produce hydrogen with warm water below 60 degrees Celsius.

The exquisite appearance and food-grade material of the H2 life hydrogen water bottle are beyond doubt, and the function is also impeccable. The hydrogen water bottle adopts advanced hydrogen dissolving technology, and the hydrogen only drops by 100-200ppb after hydrogen production for 1 hour. The total concentration of hydrogen water has little effect. The higher the hydrogen concentration, the better the body can absorb. It only takes a few minutes to produce hydrogen water every day to keep the body at a high level. No matter where you go, take it with you With the hydrogen water bottle from the H2 life, health will accompany you.


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