Benefits of hydrogen water bottle

Hydrogen-rich water bottle : Best gift to your loved one

Are you looking for gift for your loved ones? Flowers, jewellery and such gifts are too ordinary and very old fashioned. Now we are seeing lot of different kind of health issues we are facing, so something which can keep them healthy would be great idea for gift. Let’s have something very helpful and unique gift and send a hydrogen rich water bottle that can make your loved one more beautiful and healthier. Very high quality hydrogen water bottle from H2 life would be the best choice for the gift.

Best gift - hydrogen water bottle

Humans are made of water. Only by drinking enough water every day people can maintain their own water and be a hydrated and look exquisite. Hydrogen water is rich in hydrogen molecules, with high dissolving power, strong permeability, and good dispersibility. Women drinking enough hydrogen water every day can make the body fluid inside and outside the cells of human tissues be sufficient, avoid dry skin, and make skin elastic. The higher the hydrogen concentration, the better the effect on the human body. Then, it is very important to choose a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water bottle . The H2 life Hydrogen Water Bottle uses PEM electrolysis technology and unique hydrogen dissolution technology to provide you with high-concentration hydrogen water. The concentration of hydrogen production in 3 minutes can be higher than 1500ppb, and the average concentration of hydrogen production in 9 minutes is above 3300ppb, and the highest can reach more than 3700ppb. After one hour of hydrogen production, hydrogen concentration only drops by 100-200ppb, which has little effect on the total concentration of hydrogen water. Compared with other similar products in the market, it has obvious technical advantages. The hydrogen-rich water bottle not only meets the daily drinking needs, but also makes you healthier and more beautiful as you drink.

The whole body parts of the H2 life hydrogen water bottle are detachable, and the bottle can be used for three purposes. It is convenient to carry and go out. Whether on the road, outdoors or at work, as long as there is available water around, the stylish and lightweight H2 life hydrogen-rich water bottle can be used anytime and anywhere. In H2 life hydrogen water bottle pressure release valve is installed inside the bottle lid to prevent the pressure in the cup from cracking due to multiple hydrogen production. It is safer and more reliable to use. People who love each other always have endless sweet words, and their hearts are so deep that they can’t be dismantled, but sometimes it’s hard to love you. This year’s festivals or special occasion will give a full of affection to the H2 life. With this fantastic hydrogen water bottle you can make them feel love in your heart.


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