Hydrogen experience

Hydrogen Spa Device gives you a “hydrogen” experience

After long-term research, Japanese scientists have discovered a kind of hydrogen that is more stable and more useful than vitamins and minerals. A large amount of experimental data shows that hydrogen can neutralize the human body’s malignant oxygen free radicals, and produce water that is excreted by the human body. Hydrogen spa is very beneficial and you can experience hydrogen by hydrogen spa device from H2 life.

Hydrogen helps

The hydrogen spa device developed by Shenzhen Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Development Co., Ltd. is characterized by the ability to convert the water in the bathtub into hydrogen-rich water. In fact, hydrogen health products have been popular in Japan for a long time, but the main method is “inhalation.” Or “drink”, products that are directly used for bathing like this are still rare in the market and hydrogen bath experience is gaining popularity around the world now.

Experience of hydrogen spa

Hydrogen spa device

can quickly electrolyze a large amount of hydrogen molecules and electrolyze them into the bathing water. Due to the small molecular weight of hydrogen gas, hydrogen gas is very permeable. During the bathing process, hydrogen molecules penetrate into the body through the skin and the body. Hydrogen-rich water has the function of balancing electrons and nourishing the body.

How to use the H2 SPA Hydrogen Hydrotherapy Apparatus:
1. Connect the host of the hydrogen hydrotherapy apparatus to the hydrogen generator. Place the hydrogen generator at the bottom of the container with water to ensure that the hydrogen generator is completely immersed in the water;
2. Put the hydrogen generator into the water; 2. Power on the main unit and turn on the main unit of the hydrogen spa;
3. Adjust the bath time by clicking the up and down keys, then double-click the ENT key to start hydrogen production;
4. Press the Esc key to exit, then turn off the power switch and unplug the power supply.

Hydrogen spa experience

Hydrogen hydrotherapy instrument is not only simple and convenient to use, but also has no dosage limit. No adverse reactions have been seen so far, so you can use it with confidence.

It is very pleasing to the eyes no matter where it is placed in the home, and it is full of technology. If it is a small home, it will take up space. You can also put it in a small box and take it out when you need it.


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