Hydrogen water bottle to care for your stomach

Summer is the season of the high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal diseases are very common in our daily life. The weather is hot and humid, suitable for the reproduction of various intestinal diseases. Older people and children with weaker constitutions often lead to different gastrointestinal diseases due to dietary hygiene.


Long-term adherence to drinking hydrogen water can improve the stomach.

Hydrogen, as the most powerful selective antioxidant, has significant biological anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It can reduce cell damage caused by various oxidation, and can repair damaged cells in time. Also, hydrogen has a strong penetrating power, which can be more easily diffused into our tissues and cells. It can spread through our blood. Drinking hydrogen water is the easiest way to ingest hydrogen.

hydrogen water bottle gold colour

The higher the hydrogen concentration, the stronger the effect on human health. Therefore, you can’t just buy a hydrogen water bottle without h2 concentration. The H2 Life hydrogen water bottle has a hydrogen production concentration higher than 1600 ppb in 3 minutes and an average hydrogen production concentration of 3300 ppb in 9 minutes. Its hydrogen concentration is two to three times higher than similar products on the market.

H2 Life hydrogen water bottle is quite portable, you can make hydrogen water anytime, anywhere. Keep drinking 4-5 cups every day, you can feel the improvement of your body. And the hydrogen water we can use to make milk, coffee, tea, etc. Yes, even baby formula can be brewed. Safe and healthy!


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