skin benefits by hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen Water Helps Clean Blackheads

The blackheads are open comedones, and the surface layer of sebum that blocks pores is black after oxidation with air. The study found that by using hydrogen water to cleanse the face, it can greatly reduce the number of blackheads, and has the effect of promoting skin metabolism.

In the experiment, the two experimenters were 36 and 40 years old. They used hydrogen water and ordinary warm water to clean the blackheads of their noses and cheeks. A Leica Z16APO stereo microscope and a Japanese electron microscope were used to observe the number of blackheads on the nose and cheeks.

The experimental analysis table found that compared with the use of ordinary warm water to clean the face, the number of blackheads decreased by 2.3 times after a 36-year-old experimenter used hydrogen warm water to cleanse the face; the 40-year-old experimenter used hydrogen warm water to cleanse the face reduced 4.47 times.

The two sets of data show that the cleaning effect of hydrogen water is better than ordinary water in cleaning the face and nose blackheads


They found that hydrogen water can penetrate directly into the skin to promote blood flow in the blood of subcutaneous dermal capillaries located up to 0.1 mm deep. This effect lasts about 60 minutes, and effectively excrete waste from the blood.

This is due to the special role of hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen selectively protects DNA from oxidative damage by hydroxyl radicals by selectively neutralizing highly toxic free radicals. However, it does not affect the active oxygen of the signal effects of superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide, and nitric oxide. Hydrogen saline can significantly reduce the lipid peroxidation index malondialdehyde of the flap.

H2 Life hydrogen water bottle can produce up to 3700ppb hydrogen-rich water. Advanced ion exchange membrane technology ensures complete separation of hydrogen and oxygen. Molecular hydrogen enters the human body using water as a carrier, which is quickly absorbed and is widely used.

Hydrogen water benefits skin

Of course, removing blackheads is never a problem that can be solved in one go, you need to be patient. Keep using hydrogen water, you will get a surprise.


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