Hydrogen inhalation and snoring

Is sleep snoring normal? Does hydrogen have effect on this?

Snoring is a common sleep phenomenon. Many people think that sleep snoring is normal. What do you think? Does hydrogen can help with sleep snoring?

Normal people breath through their noses when they sleep, so there will be no snoring. All people who snore have a common feature is that they breathe with their mouths. Why do they breathe with their mouths instead of noses? Because the nose is not enough to breathe, so they use the mouth to breathe. The human body is a highly intelligent living body. When you find that breathing through your nose cannot meet your body’s needs, you will immediately initiate an immediate response—open your mouth.
Then why is there not enough breathing from the nose? The direct cause is that when lying down and sleeping, something blocked the airway, causing poor breathing, which is medically called narrowing and obstruction of the airway.

Sleep snoring and hydrogen

what is the harm of snoring? In addition to the loud and noisy sound, the main reason is that the airway is not smooth, which affects the hydrogen exchange in the lungs! ·If you do not sleep well at night, you will doze off during the day, so many people who snore have symptoms of daytime sleepiness. Others such as headaches, bad temper, memory loss, etc. are more common. It can be seen that snoring is harmful to us. We can’t ignore it, refuse bad snoring, and move towards health.

What is the conventional improvement method?

One is to wear a inhaler to sleep. The pressure of the gas coming out of the inhaler is very high, which can flush away various narrows and obstructions in the airway. The second is surgical improvement, that is, cutting off all the obstructed airways, such as tonsils, nasal polyps, and hypertrophy of the tongue.
Can hydrogen inhalation relieve snoring? There is no clinical research yet, but many friends who inhale hydrogen will find that the sleep snoring sound gradually decreases.

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