H2 inhalation machine

Is the h2 inhalation machine bad? Experience sharing

Is the Hydrogen inhaler not good? Let me tell you the truth. Personally, I am very optimistic about the Hydrogen inhaler, because I have used no less than 3 brands of hydrogen inhalers, but none of them have hydrogen energy. The effect of the H2 life hydrogen inhalation machine is strong, and many of them are equipped with humidification bottles, while the H2 life hydrogen inhalation machine does not need to be equipped with a humidification bottle, and the purity of the hydrogen produced is also very high. This is why I say the H2 life inhalation the reason for the good hydrogen machine.

H2 inhalation machine

1. The working principle of the hydrogen absorption machine

The electrical control part of the whole machine is mainly composed of three parts: power supply, control board, and parameter collection.

When the machine is working, the electrolyzed water (the electrolyzed water is required to be authentic Cestbon pure water or double distilled water, with a resistivity greater than 1MΩ•cm) flows into the anode chamber of the electrolytic cell by gravity. After power on, 2H₂0=2H₂↑+O₂↑, oxygen (O₂) is formed at the anode and discharged from the anode chamber through the small hole in the upper cover of the water tank.

Hydrogen ions are in the form of hydronium ions (H+·XH₂O). Under the action of electric field force, they move to the cathode to form water and hydrogen, and then carry a small amount of water out of the cathode chamber. After the gas-liquid separation of the gas-water separator, the purity of the hydrogen output from the gas outlet will be greater than 99.99%.

2. Eight unique advantages of H2 life Hydrogen inhaler

1. High purity: the purity of hydrogen is greater than 99.99%, which meets the requirements of US FDA food additives.
2. The actual flow rate is sufficient: 300ml/min and 600ml/min for single person; 300ml/min and 600ml/min for two persons.
3. Non-humidification bottle technology: The company has overcome the technical bottleneck of hydrogen production. There is no need to configure a humidification bottle during the hydrogen production process, so as to avoid water spraying at the hydrogen outlet of the hydrogen inhalation machine and the decrease of hydrogen purity.
4. Strong heat dissipation capacity: The H2 life hydrogen inhalation machine has a unique heat dissipation device, even if it is used for a long time, the temperature of the instrument will not be too high.
5. Long service life: The service life of the hydrogen inhalation machine is more than 8000-10000 hours.
6. Stable performance: After the hydrogen inhaler is used for a long time, its flow rate and purity will not decrease, and the product quality is guaranteed.
7. Qualification and testing: Obtained a number of qualification certifications and hydrogen output flow and purity testing reports.
8. Guarantee: As a R&D and production enterprise with 16 years of experience, after-sales service is guaranteed.

3. Lifetime maintenance of the hydrogen inhalation machine

The hydrogen inhalation machine supports one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance (after the warranty period, only the cost of parts will be charged).
The hydrogen inhalation machine manufacturers operate with integrity, conscientious merchants, and achieve a good user experience, and the manufacturer has a better concept, so everyone can buy with confidence.


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