Dr Zhong Nanshan talking about hydrogen oxygen inhalation therapy in treatment of covid19

Is the Hydrogen Inhalation Benefits for Everyone?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, some household hydrogen inhalation machines have gradually entered people’s lives. Many families have begun to try to inhale hydrogen to enable themselves to have a healthy body. So who is suitable for the household hydrogen inhalation machine? What do we need to pay attention to it when using it?

Who is suitable for hydrogen inhalation?

Any healthy person. Hydrogen inhalation is health care. Hydrogen inhalation can reduce free radicals and slow down aging. Besides, it can interrupt the development of major diseases. No matter what kind of disease there is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, as long as it is interrupted or delayed, it is a kind of health care and a way to save money.

Most 40-50-year-olds choose to absorb hydrogen. Most middle-aged people over the age of 40 will suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat and other physical problems. In practice, drinking hydrogen water + absorbing hydrogen can stabilize blood sugar without taking hypoglycemic drugs.

The auxiliary effect of hydrogen on cancer. Professor Xu Kecheng attributed the role of hydrogen to cancer to the following aspects: Adjuvant therapy before and after surgery, especially during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For example, inoperability, failure of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, replacement therapy, rehabilitation period, anti-relapse therapy, high-risk cancer patients, preventive treatment. In the future, hydrogen absorption machines will be used in health care, and sub-health hydrogen absorption will also be known to more and more people. During the COVID-19 epidemic. Zhong Nanshan recommended that patients use inhalation of hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas for adjuvant therapy.


What are the benefits of insisting on hydrogen inhalation?

Everyone can inhale hydrogen because hydrogen is healthy and safe. Hydrogen can quickly achieve an anti-oxidation effect. Hydrogen inhalation is good for the human body, it can also prevent, avoid or block the development of major diseases. But you must know that hydrogen absorption needs to be persisted because it is not a quick-acting drug!


How to choose a hydrogen output? Especially patients

When people choose a home hydrogen inhalation machine, they need to look at its purity and flow. Effective hydrogen inhalation machines generally produce 300ml of hydrogen per minute and 600ml of hydrogen per minute. People can choose according to their needs.

But one thing you need to know is that when you use a household hydrogen inhalation machine, you need water for electrolysis to obtain hydrogen. Then the hydrogen-producing water used should be pure water or double-distilled water, rather than ordinary water to avoid the generation of chlorine gas.

Which is the best hydrogen inhalation machine brand?

At present, the best hydrogen inhalation machine must come from H2 Life. Its products have stable hydrogen production, the purity can reach more than 99.99%, and it has a good effect. Of course, there are some small brands on the market, people can carefully understand these brands, and then decide which brand to buy products.

Hydrogen inhalation  machine


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