Hydrogen mask

Is the hydrogen mask really useful?

Many people have already come into contact with the hydrogen-rich series of water, water bottles, and hydrogen inhaler and understand their effects. Do you know about the hydrogen mask? In the hot summer, the skin’s absorption capacity will decrease. During the application of hydrogen water, we found that before using serums and other skin care products, soak the paper disposable mask with high-concentration warm hydrogen water, and apply the essence after 5 minutes. The absorption rate and the amount of absorption of the mask will increase significantly, so the h2 mask is very suitable for summer use. Today, I will talk about it in detail.

Hydrogen mask refers to a mask containing h2 molecules. It is also known as a h2 water mask in Japan and South Korea. It slowly releases h2 molecules by applying the mask to achieve beauty. The difference from traditional masks is that h2 molecules are added to the mask. The integration of h2 molecules into the mask requires advanced technology to achieve, the production environment and production requirements are relatively strict.

Hydrogen mask

Hydrogen mask is characterized by mildness, suitable for people with various skin types. Hydrogen has extremely high penetration. Each hydrogen molecule will be evenly wrapped by water molecules to form small molecular clusters. Small molecular clusters can be fast due to their small size infiltrate the cell. This means that its moisturizing effect is many times better than that of ordinary facial masks, allowing the skin to “drink full water” fundamentally, and make the skin plump and moisturize quickly.

H2 life Hydrogen Mask is prepared by hydrogen powder, dry mask and adding a certain amount of water. The hydrogen mask will continue to produce hydrogen when applied on the face, and the duration is 40-60 minutes. It has strong hydrogen production capacity and high hydrogen concentration of up to 1300ppb. If you insist on using the this mask, you can also transform muscle with full of energy.


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