Micro nano hydrogen generator

Micro-nano bubble SPA generator allows your pet to enjoy healthy care

With the improvement of people’s living standards, in addition to usual shopping, food, entertainment and pastime, many people have increased their interest in life through pets, and through interaction with pets, they feel different happiness. Now there are also pet types and spa generator is for all the pet. However, cats and dogs account for the vast majority of daily life. In fact, pets are prone to body scale and dust after going out. Clean the pets in time to prevent them from getting sick.

Micro-nano water bubble SPA generator is bathed in hydrogen water, which can thoroughly clean the pet hairs and skin to achieve the effect of body care.
H2 life micro-nano water bubble SPA generator can produce high-concentration hydrogen water, which will gradually turn the clear water into milky color. The reason for this milky color is precisely because the water contains a large number of micro-nano-level hydrogen molecules. Hydrogen molecules have the effect of selectively resisting malignant oxygen free radicals, resisting inflammation, and preventing cell apoptosis. Through the hydrogen water bath, the hydrogen can directly act on the pet’s skin and hair, and carpet-kill some pathogens on the pet’s body surface, cut off the pathogens, prevent various skin diseases, and improve the body’s disease resistance. In addition, hydrogen molecules can also supplement the nourishment of the dog’s hair and restore its bright luster and elasticity.

Spa generator for pet

Features of micro-nano water bubble SPA generator
1. One-button convenient operation, which can be used at home, saving time and cost.
2. Quickly generate high-concentration hydrogen water, which is not harmful.
3. Create a sanitary and healthy environment for pets through hydrogen water SPA, play a preventive role and reduce the spread of germs.
4. Even after 24 hours, the hydrogen concentration in the water is still around 500ppb, and the hydrogen production concentration and hydrogen dissolving capacity are much higher than other brands of SPA meters.
Only by letting pets have a healthy body can they accompany us for a longer time. Micro-nano water bubble SPA treatment can help your pets become healthier, and you deserve it.


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