Hydrogen bath generator

Micro-nano hydrogen bubble bath generator leads a new health fashion

In nature, hydrogen is a natural green and environmentally friendly reducing agent, and hydrogen molecules can solve the problems of oxidative damage and aging of the human body. Hydrogen, as an exterminator of malignant free radicals in cells, can not only reduce chemical substances, but also keep the body healthy. Just like green energy, hydrogen is harmless to the human body because it fights inflammation by eliminating oxygen free radicals. H2 life Micro-nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Generator is an instrument that combines high-tech crystallization. It uses advanced micro-nano hydrogen melting technology to quickly convert water into a milky white liquid rich in nano-hydrogen water molecules. After the treatment, the hydrogen molecules are extremely fine and can quickly penetrate into the skin pores. The hydrogen molecules directly enter the skin cells. It can start from the root of the skin and the effect is more significant.

Ordinary water can only clean the surface of the skin due to the surface tension of the water, and it is difficult to penetrate into the inner layer of the skin, while the nano-level ultra-micro bubbles of H2 life can quickly penetrate into the inner layer of the skin, sweeping away the dirt. Because micro-nano bubbles have strong adhesion, they can quickly adhere to the dirt, keratin and oil around the skin. Using the principle of buoyancy, they can be separated from the skin and degreasing, so as to achieve the effect of cleansing the skin. The micro-nano hydrogen bubble bath can produce micro-nano-level high-concentration hydrogen bubble baths, which can produce hydrogen in large quantities, and are micro-nano-level pure hydrogen without other gases.

The hydrogen bubble bath generator from H2 life has superior technology.
The hydrogen solubility is extremely high, as high as 1400ppb, the dissolution time is long, and the hydrogen concentration remains at about 500ppb after 24 hours Powerful Circulating hydrogen production, strong hydrogen locking ability.

Hydrogen bubble bath generator advantages

Diversified range of use
Bathing: high-concentration hydrogen water, the total amount of hydrogen in the bath barrel is extremely high, which can fully penetrate the body
Daily wash: clean the pores and remove cosmetic residues (the effect of micro-nano bubbles)
Strong cleaning ability: can be used for daily cleaning of dirt
Caring for pets and plants at home: it can prevent and alleviate the health problems of pets and plants
Soaking fruits and vegetables: drastically remove pesticide residues and enhance the deoxidation ability of fruits and vegetables.

Technical Parameters
Model CHNB-03A
Power supply voltage AC 110V/220V
Input power 0.65KW
Applicable water temperature is about 40℃
Flow rate 10L/minColor silver
Whole machine weight<35KG
Dimensions 46*26*36cm
Can be customized according to customer needs.

As soon as the H2 life micro-nano hydrogen bubble bath generator product was launched, it caused a wave of enthusiasm in Japan, Europe, America, South Korea and other countries, but it is still a big cake in some countries, with huge business opportunities. After all, the health market has always been hot, and it will continue to be hot!


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