Molecular hydrogen as a neuroprotective agent

Molecular Hydrogen as a Neuroprotective Agent

Oxidative stress and Neuro-inflammation are the causative agents for numerous neurological issues. Oxidative stress and Neuro-inflammation cause neurological issues, such as intense brain injuries, neurodegenerative problems, and different neural severe disorders. Do you know molecular hydrogen act as a neuroprotective agent!

Molecular Hydrogen and its link with Neuro-related disorders

Receptive oxygen species (ROS, for example, superoxide anion extremist (O2-•), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), nitric oxide, and hydroxyl revolutionary (OH•) are some of the agents that cause Oxidative Stress. Lately, it has been discovered that H2 specifically diminishes the profoundly poisonous ROS OH• and peroxynitrite; however, not O2-•, H2O2, or nitric oxide.  Additionally, it has been accounted for that molecular hydrogen (H2) has superior anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties. These characteristics are why H2 is now widely used as a therapeutic agent to treat various illnesses.

The way through which H2 is administered into research models and human bodies is usually characterized into three kinds, inward breathing of H2 gas, drinking H2-dissolved water (HW), and infusion of H2-disintegrated saline.

Molecular hydrogen as neuroprotective agent

How molecular hydrogen H2 acts as a Neuroprotective Agent

  • Inhalation of H2 has been uniquely observed to suppress the ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) by buffering oxidative stress. Further examinations revealed the defensive impact of H2 on both heart and liver IRI.
  • H2 quickly diffuses across cell membranes and reacts with dangerous ROS, whereas conventional anti-oxidants require more significant time to do so. Thus, the administration of H2 can possibly be a more effective cancer prevention technique than customary routine procedures.
  • Aging is related to an expansion in the occurrence of neurodegenerative issues. Hence, it needs to be addressed in our maturing society to ensure the well-being of older individuals. Oxidative stress and inflammation are two major primary sources of numerous neurodegenerative problems. Since H2 reduces Oxidative stress, it is also a valuable agent to decrease the neurodegenerative problems associated with aging.
  • IRI and subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) causes extreme cerebra-vascular illnesses through oxidative stress and inflammation. Numerous examinations propose that the proper administration of H2 is useful in the treating of Cerebra-vascular sicknesses.
  • Retinal ischemia is a typical reason for visual impedance and visual impairment. During research to know if H2 is sufficient for RI, HS eye drops were administered continuously on a rodent. It was discovered that HS eye drops were able to suppress retinal apoptotic and oxidative stress marker-positive cells.

Future prospects Albeit numerous neurological problems are presently hopeless, various examinations recommend the clinical capability of the H2 administration for the anticipation, treatment, and alleviation of these issues. As for now, no antagonistic impacts of H2 have been reported, and H2 is generally simple to utilize, cheap, and powerful in every day clinical practice. Clarification of the atomic systems hidden within the organic impacts of H2 will be fundamental for creating H2 as a powerful Neuro-protective medication. Thus, much more research is required to determine the ideal dosage and route of H2 to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
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