FAQ regarding hydrogen water

Most Common Hydrogen Water FAQ

Hydrogen water has been the talk of the town these days. Many people are getting benefited from it, but some might still be confused about how this amazing thing can help us. So, today I thought to answer the most common FAQ regarding this beneficial hydrogen water.

FAQ about hydrogen water
  • Why Hydrogen is beneficial for the human body?

Hydrogenated water acts as an antioxidant neutralizing the effects of free radicals. Hydrogen water does contribute to your health care routine by protecting your cells from the effects of oxidative stress, which is the major cause of disease and inflammation.

  • Is Hydrogen Safe?

Yes, it is actually a food additive and is approved by FDA. It is has been used without any problem since 1945 by professional divers in high concentrations.

  • How much intake of Hydrogen water is recommended?

Hydrogen water is recommended to take 1to 3 liters per day. Whether you take it while fasting or in between meals, it is beneficial at any time. 

  • Can we use it in cooking?

It can be used in cooking, but the water quickly loses hydrogen and its antioxidant effects when heated. 

  • Can we take the excess of hydrogen?

Hydrogen consumption in any form, whether you are inhaling it, drinking the hydrogen-infused water, or taking a bath in it. Hydrogen is declared safe and healthy by FDA long ago therefore, it is generally considered as an effective therapy for improving human health.

  • Is hydrogen is a water purifier?

No, we must use water suitable for human consumption with low mineral content. I recommend a reverse osmosis system or water with a low mineral content so that hydrogen can be infused easily.

  • How inhaling hydrogen affects the human body?

Inhaling hydrogen is not less beneficial. It has the same healing properties as hydrogen water. Inhaling hydrogen helps to reduce inflammation, open airways, and helps in breathing problems. By inhaling hydrogen, you can get the high concentrated pure molecular hydrogen, which is the key to reach the therapeutic levels.

  • Does hydrogenated water taste differently?

Since to produce hydrogen water, either bubble technology or electrolysis is used, which turns pure hydrogen gas into water and make the hydrogen water taste the same as regular water. Hydrogen gas is odorless and tasteless gas therefore, it does not taste differently.

  • How long does it take to lose hydrogen in an open bottle?

It takes 1 to 2 hours approx. It is to remember that when storing in the fridge, store it in a stainless-steel sealed container without an air gap. However H2 life is using micro nano bubble technology which helps to get high dissolution of hydrogen and time.

  • Can you replace hydrogen with other antioxidants?

It is advisable to supplement the antioxidant effects of hydrogen with a balanced Mediterranean diet. Although hydrogen has amazing health benefits, you should always seek guidance from your physician or doctor before attempting any new treatment.

Hope you got most questions answered , we tried to cover common FAQ regarding hydrogen water in this article, drop us a line if you have more queries or want more information.
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