Dental plaque by hydrogen water

Prevention of periodontitis by Molecular hydrogen

What is periodontitis and how it occurs?

Dental plaque creates Periodontitis which is a chronic infectious disease. The course of the disease will lead to the loss of periodontal attachment on the surface of the tooth root and the absorption of the adjacent alveolar bone, which will eventually lead to the loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is one of the most common oral diseases. The early symptoms of periodontal disease are not easy to draw attention. When there is a little discomfort, people generally takes medicine or use toothpaste. Taking medicine can relieve the discomfort to a certain extent, but the symptoms can’t be cured completely. It will still cause long-term chronic infection and inflammation of the periodontal tissue. Sometimes when the patient don’t take it seriously and let it stay there, the condition may get quite serious. Some groups of people should pay more attention, especially pregnant women, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems.

Oxidation-antioxidation balance and oxidative stress

There is a balance system of oxidation and anti-oxidation in the body. Under normal circumstances, the two are in an organic balance. Once the ROS product exceeds the anti-oxidation system’s ability to remove it, the oxidation and anti-oxidation are unbalanced, so oxidative stress and dysfunction occur. Oxidative stress means that the balance between oxidation and anti-oxidation tends to promote oxidation, which leads to tissue damage. In studies of lung and brain diseases, it has been found that there is a close relationship between oxidative stress and the progress of its course.

Oxidative stress and periodontitis

Periodontitis (Periodontis) is an infectious disease caused by specific bacteria. Mainly manifested as bleeding gums, formation of periodontal pockets. Also destruction of connective tissues attached to the periodontal and absorption of alveolar bone. Studies have found that oxidative stress plays an important role in periodontitis. And bacteria in periodontal tissues produce excessive amounts of active oxygen to cause and aggravate the damage of periodontal tissues.

Molecular hydrogen is an antioxidant that can selectively neutralise strong oxidising free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Drinking hydrogen-rich water can increase the concentration of molecular hydrogen in blood and tissues. In the field of dentistry, animal studies have shown that hydrogen rich water can reduce gum oxidative stress. We investigated whether hydrogen-rich water can inhibit gingival oxidative stress and alveolar bone resorption.

Periodontitis is a chronic oral disease, which is a disease of tooth supporting tissues. Typical symptoms are bleeding gums, formation of periodontal pockets, destruction of connective tissue, and loss of alveolar bone. Subgingival plaque biofilm is an important basis for the occurrence and development of periodontitis, and abnormal immune response to bacterial antigens is a risk factor for the development of periodontitis.

Hydrogen molecular

Active oxygen is a normal product of immune response. But too much active oxygen will cause oxidative stress and damage to DNA tissue, protein and lipids. So there is often a close relationship between oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Dental clinical studies have found that patients of periodontitis have oxidative damage to DNA, proteins and lipids. It indicates that oxidative stress is involved in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. It shows that antioxidant substances controlling oxidative stress is a potential treatment for periodontitis.

Hydrogen molecule is an ideal biological anti-oxidant substance. As a simple method of providing hydrogen, drinking hydrogen water can play a therapeutic role. The latest research hypothesis is that hydrogen can play a role in treating human periodontitis through systemic antioxidant effects. A preliminary small-scale clinical study compared the effects of hydrogen water and non-hydrogen water groups on the development of periodontitis, and believed that hydrogen water has a therapeutic effect on periodontitis.


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