hydrogen water to relieve hangover

Research shows: hydrogen water can relieve hangover

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the explosion of stress and the increase in social needs, drinking has become an inevitable activity in life. Drinking can promote blood circulation and increase appetite, but excessive drinking will not escape drunkenness and harm to the body. We will get info on how hydrogen water cane relieve hangover in this article.

In order not to affect the work and life of the next day, people began to use medicine to quickly solve the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting caused by drunkenness. Anti-alcoholism is to enhance the function of the liver enzyme system and play the working principle of decomposing alcohol. However, while using anti-alcoholic drugs, it will cause metabolic burden on the liver and kidneys and cause varying degrees of damage. The ingredients of some products irritate the stomach and contain additives to obscure the efficacy of the medicine itself.

With the development and progress of hydrogen medicine, people have gradually discovered an essential anti-alcoholic product that is not harmful to the body.

Hydrogen rich water to help with hangover

How does hydrogen rich water relieve hangover?

When wine enters the human body, 20% is first absorbed by the stomach and 80% is absorbed by the small intestine. Most of the absorbed ethanol is catabolized in the liver, and is mainly metabolized into acetaldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase, and then further oxidized by acetaldehyde dehydrogenase to become carbon dioxide and water, which are eliminated from the body. The longer the ethanol stays in the body, the greater the toxicity. Ethanol induces the production of malignant free radicals during the metabolic process, causing damage to multiple organs of the body.

Therefore , the core function of hangover is to reduce the concentration of ethanol and its metabolites and reduce its oxidative damage to various organs of the body.

The hydrogen-rich water will form a protective film to avoid injury. At the same time, the hydrogen-rich water can also play the role of enzymes, reduce oxidative damage and achieve the purpose of protection, thereby alleviating the symptoms of dizziness and vomiting caused by drinking.

Hydrogen water alleviates hangover related academic research support.
On June 24, 2016, the research team of Hiroshima Prefectural University and Mie University in Japan discussed the relationship between hydrogen water (hydrogen-rich water) and hangovers and published papers .
The research team prepared three test tubes and observed the speed and state of the decomposition of
acetaldehyde : ① The concentration of acetaldehyde is 50 → the chart shows the yellow line
② The concentration of acetaldehyde is 50 but contains hydrogen → the green line in the chart
③ Select a small amount of commercially available products Shochu (contains 30 concentrations of acetaldehyde during the brewing process), add hydrogen → the blue line in the chart.

The results of the study are shown in the picture
Ø The test tube without hydrate was not decomposed.
Ø On the contrary, the shochu test tube containing hydrogen began to decompose acetaldehyde in about 20 minutes, and the concentration did not increase after 18 hours after 40 minutes.
Ø The decomposition rate of the test tube containing 50% hydrogen is slightly slower than that of the shochu test tube, but the process of decomposition of acetaldehyde by hydrogen can be clearly seen, and the concentration has not increased after two hours.

The concentration of hydrogen-rich water affects the speed of relieving hangovers.

Professor Sun Xuejun believes that whether hydrogen water is useful or not depends on the concentration of hydrogen. Although there is currently no standard for the concentration of hydrogen water, it is academically believed that the higher the concentration of hydrogen, the better. Because high concentrations can cover low concentrations, and hydrogen is not toxic, the concentration should be increased as much as possible from the perspective of efficacy.
Therefore, H2 life reminds everyone that you must choose high-concentration hydrogen rich water bottle when purchasing such products, so that it can play a better role.


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