Hydrogen water for blackheads

Still squeezing blackheads with your hands? Try using hydrogen water

Blackheads, also known as open acne. The surface layer of sebum that clogs the pores becomes black after oxidation with air. Studies have found that washing the face with hydrogen water can effectively improve the blackheads and promote the elimination of waste from the skin.

In the experimental study, the two experimenters were 36 years old and 40 years old respectively. They used hydrogen warm water and ordinary warm water to clean the blackheads of the nose and cheeks, and used the Leica Z16APO stereo microscope and the Keyence ve9800 scanning electron microscope to observe the nose. And the number of blackheads on the cheeks.

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Through the experimental analysis table, it was found that compared with the normal warm water cleansing, the 36-year-old experimenter used hydrogen warm water to clean the face, the number of blackheads decreased by 2.3 times; the 40-year-old experimenter used hydrogen warm water to clean the face, and the number of blackheads decreased 4.47 times.

The two sets of data fully show that hydrogen water cleaning is better than ordinary water in cleaning blackheads on the face and nose

Experiments of hydrogen on blacjheads

On the other hand, this study used skin water content and blackhead cleaning as observation indicators, and found that hydrogen water can penetrate directly into the skin depth and promote blood flow in capillaries located in the subcutaneous dermis as deep as 0.1 mm. This effect lasts for about 60 minutes. Enough to effectively excrete waste in the blood.

This should be attributed to the action of hydrogen molecules, which protect the body by selectively neutralizing malignant free radicals. Hydrogen saline can significantly reduce the lipid peroxidation index of the skin flap, malondialdehyde.

The hydrogen water bottle developed by Shenzhen Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. produces 3700ppb hydrogen-rich water with an electric current of about 30,000 times per second. The advanced ion exchange membrane technology guarantees the complete separation of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen atoms enter the human body with water as a carrier, are quickly absorbed and are easy to use widely.
The hydrogen-rich water developed by H2 life has the advantages of high stability and permeability. It can penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, neutralize free radicals of the skin, promote skin metabolism, and make the skin clean and transparent.

Hydrogen water and blackheads

Of course, I want to remind everyone that removing blackheads is not a problem that can be solved overnight, and it is not a problem that can be solved by washing the face with hydrogen water on a whim. We need to have patience, develop good habits and lifestyle, step by step, and at the same time treat our skin kindly. I believe that as long as we insist on using hydrogen water, it will definitely improve.


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