Professor of Second Military Medical University, engaged in the research of biological effects of gases. Currently concurrently serving as a visiting professor in the Department of Physiology of the University of Loma Linda in the United States, deputy editor of the International Journal of Gas Medicine, the editorial board of the Journal of Trauma & Treatment, the member of the Chinese Journal of Nautical Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine, a member of the Chinese Nautical Medicine Professional Committee, and the Chinese Nautical Medicine Deputy Chairman of the Professional Committee of Diving and High-Pressure Medicine, Deputy Chairman of the Shanghai Professional Committee of High-Pressure Medicine, Standing Member of the Maritime Medical Committee of the Military Medical Science and Technology Committee, and Deputy Chairman of the High-Pressure Medical Committee of the Army Professor Sun Xuejun has been engaged in the study of biological effects of gases and has a certain reputation in the international industry. In February 2010, he was invited by the renowned scholar of international hydrogen medical research and Professor Taida Narita of the Institute of Geriatrics at the Japanese Medical University. He was the only specially invited speaker of the conference to participate in the Japanese hydrogen medical academic conference.


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