best hydrogen water bottle

The hydrogen water bottle brings you a new experience of healthy life

The hydrogen-rich water bottle is a water bottle that can quickly produce hydrogen. You can select the hydrogen production mode for 3 minutes or 9 minutes according to your needs, and you can produce hydrogen-rich water which is rich in hydrogen. The hydrogen water bottle protects human health, no matter where you go, with a H2 life water bottle, health will accompany you.

Free radicals are produced at all times in daily life, such as high work pressure, irregular work and rest, smoking, socializing, drinking, ultraviolet rays, food additives, car exhaust emissions, color cosmetics, etc. will cause free radicals to be produced, and the body produces vicious oxygen It is also a kind of free radical. Hydrogen-rich water can selectively help us eliminate malignant free radicals in our body.

Best hydrogen water bottle

Each body has a different structure, and the amount of hydrogen intake is different. Drinking hydrogen water is necessary, but the way of drinking is also particular. The same is to drink 1000 ml, drink it at a time and drink it slowly for 15 minutes. There are different effects. The former can get a higher hydrogen concentration, but drinking slowly can get a longer hydrogen retention time. Drinking hydrogen water, supplementing water and health ingredients, need to reasonably adjust the intake, intake method, intake frequency, etc. according to the different needs of the individual, so as to fully play its role and take care of health.

It is recommended to drink 300-500 ml each half an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner three times a day; people who drink a lot of entertainment should drink 500-1000 ml half an hour after each drink; sports friends drink 600 ml two hours before exercise and 600 ml during rest , Drink 600 ml half an hour after exercise. When the body is normal, follow the normal habits; when the body is unwell, increase the amount of water and drink it quickly each time; if you need to make the skin better, you can use the hydrogen water spray method.

In summer, when the weather is hot, you sweat a lot, your body is prone to lack of water, and physical exertion accelerates, so you need to pay special attention to drinking more water. Develop the habit of actively drinking hydrogen-rich water and drinking water scientifically to protect your health.


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