Coid19 treatment from Hydrogen

The important function of hydrogen molecular medicine in the fight against the coronavirus or covid19.

Recently, According to the real-time statistics system of global new coronary pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of July 29, A total of 16,737,842 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide and 660,407 deaths have been reported across the globe. The coronavirus(Covid 19) has become more and more intense.

Covid 19 cure

The target of the novel coronavirus attack is angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which is abundantly present in the lungs. The trap that the new coronavirus brings to humans is manifested in the early stage of the virus attack. The symptoms are not so severe. Clinically, patients with influenza often have fever, runny nose, dry cough, and sputum, while patients infected with the new coronavirus are initially fatigued, fatigued (lack of energy), dry cough or low-grade fever, and some have body temperatures only slightly higher than normal. Some are not feverish, and the temperature cannot be measured. Some people are even in the incubation period and show no signs. Airports, stations and highways are set up for check-in, which is easy to slip through the network and become a super spreader of the virus, causing the spread of the epidemic.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is mainly located in capillary endothelial cells. Because lung tissue has abundant vascular beds and the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) contained in pulmonary capillary bed endothelial cells is located outside the cell, previous studies It was found that the decrease of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is related to a variety of lung diseases, such as asthma, pulmonary edema, chronic obstructive lung, and lung failure. When the new coronavirus destroys angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) in a large amount, the patient’s condition will suddenly deteriorate, and both lungs will be affected at the same time. One of the main points different from ordinary pneumonia is that the latter generally only has unilateral lung infection. The virus causes simultaneous large-scale infection and edema in both lungs, rapid decline in blood oxygen saturation, severe respiratory distress, and life-threatening. Treatment can only save life with large doses of steroids, and large doses of steroids damage the patient’s immune system. This contradiction is a difficult situation for Western medicine to get rid of.

From the above analysis, the treatment and prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia must be complemented by molecular hydrogen medicine. Let’s quickly understand the theoretical basis of molecular hydrogen medicine as the complementarity of western medicine.

1 . the physical effect of hydrogen
acute state of inflammation, the inflammatory exudate of alveolar most clogged fill this case, how to improve the efficiency of gas exchange is the alveolar remaining should be solved first. Hydrogen and oxygen atomization inhalation can enhance oxygen dispersion and gas flow at this time. It must be emphasized that when there is an effective breathing cavity, it should be used as soon as possible.

1. Inhaling low-density gas can reduce airway resistance
a. Graham’s law states: The gas diffusion rate is inversely proportional to the square root of its density. Therefore, compared to air, the hydrogen-oxygen mixture has a lower density and a faster dispersion rate.
b. Bernoul’s law reveals: In a fluid system, the faster the flow rate, the smaller the pressure generated by the fluid. The low-density hydrogen-oxygen mixture requires a lower driving pressure and a lower speed, and the gas tends to move in laminar flow, and the resistance of the respiratory tract is also significantly reduced. It can effectively reduce the work of breathing required for each minute of ventilation and reduce respiratory muscle fatigue.

2. The smaller the molecular weight, the faster the gas flow rate. The molecular weight of common inhaled gas: After hydrogen and oxygen are mixed in a ratio of 2:1, the molecular weight is much smaller than air and pure oxygen. The molecular weight of air is about 29; the molecular weight of pure oxygen is 32; the molecular weight of hydrogen-oxygen (H2: 02=2:1) ​​is about 11.88.

3. The smaller the gas density, the smaller the driving pressure required to flow. When the flowing gas moves in a laminar flow in a horizontal circular tube, there is a logical relationship between its volume flow and the pressure difference at both ends of the tube, the radius and length of the tube, and the viscosity coefficient of the fluid. If the same ventilation volume is achieved, the driving pressure required for air is about 2.44 times that of hydrogen-oxygen, and the driving pressure required for pure oxygen is about 2.69 times that of hydrogen and oxygen. When other conditions are the same, the comparison of the flow rates of various gases with the same driving pressure is: the flow rate of hydrogen-oxygen (H2: 02=2:1) ​​is about 1.62 times the air flow rate and about 1.7 times that of pure oxygen.

The physical effect of hydrogen can improve airway resistance within 100 seconds, and the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen can increase the dispersion of oxygen and increase the flow of oxygen. This is very important in cooperating with western medicine treatment. The effect is so fast that the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen The unique effect.

2. Hydrogen molecular medicine clinical experiments are based on the fact that the

inhalation of mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen has a significant curative effect on COPD, and is superior to the currently available methods. It is known that the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) of patients with COPD is significantly lower, and The main attack of the new coronavirus this time is angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). Therefore, mixed inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen is worth using.

3. Clinical experience in SARS treatment

In the clinical practice of anti-SARS treatment, it was found that continuous high-dose use of vitamin C antioxidants significantly improved the patient’s survival rate. Therefore, the antioxidant effect of hydrogen is stronger than that of vitamin C , and hydrogen can directly and quickly clear the The large number of free radicals produced by the virus damage lung tissue. Taiwan’s hydrogen molecular medicine research has found that hydrogen has a similar effect to steroids. The treatment of this new coronavirus must not use a large amount of steroids, and hydrogen has no side effects like steroids. , Hydrogen and steroids are used together, the two have a synergistic effect.

4. Hydrogen can enhance the antiviral ability of immune cells.

Numerous hydrogen molecular medical basic studies have found that hydrogen can increase the coenzyme-10 in T lymphocytes, and can significantly increase the energy of mitochondria , thereby enhancing the overall antiviral ability of patients Enhanced.
Therefore, the physical properties of hydrogen determine its special role and status in the fight against the new coronavirus. Coupled with the complementarity of hydrogen molecular medicine and western medicine, the combined use of the two can get rid of the need for western medicine to use large doses of steroids. Sex causes the dilemma of patients with low immunity, reducing the mortality rate of the new coronavirus.

H2 Life Hydrogen Inhlation
1. Purity: The purity of hydrogen produced is high, ≥99.99%, in line with the requirements of US FDA food additives.
2. Flow rate: The output flow rate is sufficient, the actual hydrogen flow rate is consistent with the advertised hydrogen flow rate, and there is no false publicity.
3. No need to configure humidification bottle: Break through the technical bottleneck, no need to configure humidification bottle. (Other hydrogen inhalers need to be equipped with a humidifying bottle, because if the humidifying bottle is not equipped, the hydrogen outlet will spray water, but if the humidifying bottle is configured, the purity of the hydrogen produced will decrease).
4. Strong stability: On the one hand, the hydrogen output flow rate and hydrogen purity remain unchanged, on the other hand, the product performance is stable and it is not easy to cause quality problems.
5. Simple operation and maintenance, safe and efficient use. Specifications of
hydrogen inhalation machine : single inhalation 300ml/min, 600ml/min. Double inhalation port 300ml/min, 600ml/min.


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