Best Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

The manufacturer of the hydrogen inhaler tells the correct usage of it

With the deepening of hydrogen medical research, people have a better understanding of hydrogen. The popularization of products and technologies such as hydrogen water and hydrogen inhaler in the international medical field is no longer a problem. The main function of the hydrogen inhaler is to absorb hydrogen. The biggest difference between breathing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water is that the absorption pathway is different. One is through the respiratory system and the other is through the digestive system. Hydrogen enters our body from the respiratory system, and the inhalation of hydrogen affects the respiratory system. Diseases are more targeted, and a relatively high hydrogen dose can be obtained by breathing hydrogen. Therefore, more and more people are starting to buy hydrogen inhalers and with it increased number of manufacturer of hydrogen inhaler.

manufacturer of the Hydrogen Inhaler

The normal use method of H2 life Hydrogen Inhaler:
1. Unscrew the top water tank cover counterclockwise, add 1.2-1.4L pure water, and screw the cover on the water tank clockwise.
2. Plug in the power cord.
3. Connect the flared end of the hydrogen inhalation tube (cannula tube) to the H2 hydrogen outlet at the bottom right of the front panel of the machine
4. Press the switch button, the LCD screen lights up and enters the power-on state; adjust the timing of hydrogen inhalation time (adjust the time of single hydrogen inhalation through “+” and “-” buttons.
5. Put on the hydrogen inhalation tube and press the start pause button (right 1 ripple button) to start hydrogen production. 

The hydrogen inhaler has a high degree of automation, high purity of hydrogen production, large output flow, and a water level over-limit alarm system. It is simple to operate, easy to use, long service life, and simple to maintain. It is a hydrogen inhaler that meets 2% gold inhalation concentration.The hydrogen inhaler should be maintained regularly. After use for about 20 days to 1 month, replace the water in the hydrogen inhalation machine, pour the cestbon pure water (Or double distilled water) into the hydrogen inhalation machine, and then shake the hydrogen inhalation machine from side to side to pour the water inside. Pour it out, reinstall the new cestbon brand water (or double distilled water), and you can use it again. A good hydrogen inhaler is to bring you health. Choose the hydrogen inhaler produced by a hydrogen inhaler manufacturer with technical advantages, such as the H2 life, which has a high degree of automation, high purity of hydrogen production, and hydrogen output flow. Full 300+ml/min. The hydrogen inhaler has achieved a technological breakthrough without the need to configure a humidification bottle. It has a long service life and can be used for 8000 to 10000 hours, which is trustworthy.


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