micro-nano hydrogen bath generator

The principle and instructions of the micro-nano hydrogen bath generator

The H2 life Micro-Nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Generator uses pure water (or double distilled water) to produce high-concentration hydrogen. Its core component is a highly active zero-pole-pitch catalytic electrode formed by a combination of a composite catalyst and an ion membrane, which can produce hydrogen. High efficiency, large flow, can produce visible milky white high-concentration hydrogen-rich water, and there is a complete electrical control system inside the whole machine, with a high degree of automation.

Micro-nano hydrogen bath generator

1. Principle of Hydrogen Spring Micro/Nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Apparatus
The electrical control of the micro-nano hydrogen bubble bath generator is mainly composed of three parts: power supply, control board, and parameter collection.
When the machine is working, it relies on internal hydrogen production equipment to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen is dissolved in water. Except saturated and dissolved in water, other hydrogen is suspended in the water in the form of micro-nano bubbles to form a milky white liquid visible to the naked eye.

2. Technical indicators of H2 life Micro-Nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Generator

Specification of micro-nano hydrogen bath generator

3. Instructions for use of H2 life Micro-Nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Generator
1. Place the instrument steadily in front of the bathtub and take out the 2 water pipes. Connect the ⑦ water inlet pipe to the water inlet on the back of the instrument, and connect the ⑥ water outlet pipe to the water outlet on the back of the instrument, and respectively tighten the pull ring to prevent water leakage.

2. Power check and time setting

a. First check whether the power supply is reliably grounded. Then plug the instrument power cord into the AC 220V power supply, the leakage protection plug will light up in red, if it does not light up, please press the “reset button” on the plug.
b. Check whether the leakage protection plug is normal. Detection method: Refer to Article ③ of the parts description to ensure that the leakage protection plug works normally.
c. Turn on the power switch of the instrument, the control panel will display the boot animation, enter the setting time interface, the default working time is 20 minutes, the time can be set arbitrarily, the setting range is 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

3. Add purified water (or double distilled water), the steps are as follows:

a. Open the lid on the top of the machine, and pour 350ml of distilled water or purified water (authentic Cestbon purified water) with a TDS value of 0 at the entrance of ⑤ purified water (or double distilled water), and then close the cover, the lower left corner of the screen The water level status will be displayed in real time.
b. In order to ensure that the instrument will not be in a dry state, the instrument has a lower limit alarm. The lower left corner of the panel will display that the water bottle is empty and the icon keeps flashing. At this time, the instrument cannot be turned on. When there is water shortage, pressing the start button will prompt “Insufficient water”.
Note: You must add water before working to ensure that there is no shortage of water when the instrument is working!

4. button description:

a. There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen: “Esc”, “Time”, and “Ent”. There is also a remote control in the accessories.
b. “Esc” is the exit key. In working state, press once to pause, press “Ent” key to continue working. Press the “Esc” key a second time to completely exit the working state.
c. “Time” is the time key. In the non-working state, the time is increased by 5 minutes each time you press it, and the maximum working time can be increased to 20 minutes, and the cycle is repeated.
d. “Ent” is the start key. After starting, the instrument enters the normal working state. However, if the “Ent” key is pressed when there is water shortage or the body temperature is too high, an alarm will be generated.
e. Remote control button, one button to start, press again to stop working. In the case of lack of water or high body temperature, it cannot be started.

5. Check whether the two water pipes are immersed in water, and then press the “Ent” button or the remote control button. If the water is normal, the water flow will automatically appear milky white after waiting for more than 10 seconds.

The above is the principle and instructions of the H2 life Micro-Nano Hydrogen Bubble Bath Generator. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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