Second Session of the Hydrogen Molecules Biomedical Academic 18

The Second Session of the Hydrogen Molecules Biomedical Academic Meeting Has Been Held Successfully in Peking

Since the Hydrogen Molecule Committee has been established, experts and scholars coming from all over the world paid more attention to the research and discovery of biological effects of hydrogen molecules, which have published a number of papers and won a plenty of awards. Up to now, more than 600 articles have been published regarding to the field of biological effects of hydrogen molecules reached , of which China issuing 280 articles, Japan 232 and US 121.

With the rapid development of molecular hydrogen in biomedical research, increasing attention are paid to and support are given by China. By the end of August, 2014, the research project of biological effects of molecular hydrogen has won 41 items of “National Natural Science Fund Project”. 10 New projects were approved in January-August, 2014. with a total funding of $ 3.61 million yuan. Compared to the average annual figure in 2009-2013, which are only 8 projects approved annually in average. Therefore, it is a great progress in China.

The second session of hydrogen molecule biomedical academic exchanges were held successfully, which attracted more experts and scholars from various fields of expertise at home and abroad and helped promote the research and clinical application of biomedical hydrogen molecules.

Hydrogen molecules biomedicine will contribute to health and happiness cause of humanity.

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