Hydrogen in aquaculture

The use of hydrogen in the aquaculture industry

In recent years, due to the discharge of untreated aquaculture wastewater and industrial and domestic sewage, the aquaculture ecosystem has been destroyed, and the occurrence of aquaculture biological diseases has become increasingly serious. How to adjust the bottom quality of water and improve the ecological environment of aquaculture has become an urgent problem for aquaculture. Recently hydrogen has been used in aquaculture industry for better health and results.

Use of hydrogen in aquaculture

A variety of problems will arise in aquaculture, covering diseases caused by the destruction of the balance of aquaculture organisms and the environment. A single drug technology cannot solve the overall problem. In order to inhibit the toxicity of aquatic products and improve the survival rate and growth rate of aquatic products, it is more necessary to make use of hydrogen in aquaculture.

Hydrogen has a strong permeability, can reach the bottom of the water body in a very short time, specifically remove the abnormally increased oxygen free radicals caused by various harmful factors, improve the unhealthy water color, and comprehensively improve the immune system and metabolic system. Adjust and maintain the body’s steady-state balance, its application performance is reflected in following

Molecular hydrogen in aquaculture

1. Enhance immunity and reduce the stress response of fish and shrimps.
Increase mitochondrial energy through cells and maintain the body’s ecological balance.

2. Reconciliation and improvement of poor water color such as red turbid water, green turbid water, black turbid water, etc.
Hydrogen has extremely strong permeability and can reach the bottom of the water body in a very short time, inhibiting chemical substances and improving water quality.  

3. Reduce the threat of harmful bacteria.
Neutralize the active oxygen free radicals released in contact with water, and fundamentally reduce the production of harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, and biogas in the water.

4. Increased growth rate and increased production capacity
Effectively improve the intestinal function of aquatic animals, enhance the ability to absorb nutrients, and increase the feed intake rate, weight gain rate and survival rate.

5. It can obviously remove the fishy and odor caused by the aging of the water body and the death of algae in the middle and late stages of aquaculture. It
promotes the growth of algae in the water body and maintains good water quality.

6. Improve muscle quality and economic benefits.
Promote the increase of unsaturated fatty acid content, increase protein content, and improve nutritional value and flavor.

7. Green and environmental protection, strong sustainability.
Fast speed, no pollution, no noise, no peculiar smell, long service life, green and environmental protection. Eight, customization requirements based on customer demand, the corresponding analysis gives solutions that provide a variety of different specifications to meet the needs of the program and the corresponding equipment.

Hydrogen generator for aquaculture


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