Healthy Intestinal by hydrogen rich water

Want A Healthy Intestinal? Try Hydrogen Rich Water!

The intestine is the largest reservoir of bacteria in the human body. There are more than 100 trillion bacteria “resident” here, there are thousands of species, the total number is 10 times more than the body’s own cells, weighing 1.5 kg, they line up together can circle the earth two and a half times, so the ecological stability of the intestinal flora is very important.

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The research result of Professor Mike Gerson, a neurologist at Columbia University in the United States, show that there is an organization in the folds of the human gastrointestinal tract tissue. That is, the “nerve cell complex”, which is actually the nervous system in the intestine. Physical energy is independent of the brain to sense, receive signals, and react to feel happy or uncomfortable, and even participate in intellectual activities such as learning like the brain. Therefore, the intestine is also called the “second brain” of the human body.

70% of the body’s immune cells are in the intestine, which is the body’s most important line of defense. Of course, the intestinal tract is also the easiest to maintain among the three major barriers. If this line of defense is destroyed, our bodies will have various problems. Because it also serves as the body’s “largest detoxification organ”. So how can we protect this intestinal barrier?

What we need to know is that the intestinal tract not only digests food, but also produces hydrogen or non-nutrient ingredients. These hydrogen and non-nutrient ingredients may play a decisive role in health.

The hydrogen in the human body is produced when some members of the intestinal flora ferment dietary fiber to obtain energy. In order to balance the redox reaction, the lost electrons are released in the form of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a very good antioxidant when dissolved in water. It can freely enter and exit the cells, reach the site where there is superoxide free radical in the cell to produce antioxidant reaction, and remove the malignant free radical.

In addition, the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine live in a hydrogen-rich environment, which can better maintain the hydrogen-rich environment in the large intestine and is more conducive to the growth of bacteria. Therefore, this is why drinking hydrogen-rich water can not only improve constipation, and can bring weight loss, improve sleep and other effects.

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