Weight loss by drinking hydrogen rich water

Weight Loss by drinking hydrogen rich water

Wants to reduce weight by reducing fat ?

Lot of people wanting to reduce weight by eliminating fat. Changing to healthy diet and exercising regularly is a great start , But for many people it is not effective and not enough. Lot of people don’t have enough time or lazy to follow everyday schedule for exercising. It shouldn’t be hard work to reduce extra pounds.

There is good news for people who are not able to follow strict diet and strict schedule for exercise. Study shows that weight can be reduced by simply drinking hydrogen rich water in a long term without doing any exercise and no special diet.

How did consumption of molecular hydrogen help participants control fat and body weight?

First of all hydrogen is super anti oxidants. Drinking hydrogen rich water regularly can helps eliminate extra fat and helps in weight lose. Hydrogen molecular is smallest molecular of all so it can enters into cells of any parts of body. It neutralise free radicals and removes toxins including fat cells . At the same time by neutralising oxygen free radicals it creates water and hydrates the body . Researchers also looked at the affect that hydrogen had on gene expression profiles to see how the molecule was working at a cellular level.

Molecular hydrogen improves metabolism and that results into weight loss. Weak metabolism relates to obesity , heart diseases . Hydrogen molecular have ability to reverse the effect of oxidative stress in the body. Hydrogen rich water also helps reducing bad cholesterol and that also results in weight reduction.

Weight loss by drinking hydrogen rich water
Fat reduction by hydrogen rich water

The present results suggests the potential benefits of molecular hydrogen in improving obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Conclusion from one study : It appears that orally administered H2 as a blend of hydrogen-generating minerals might be a beneficial agent in the management of body composition and insulin resistance in obesity.

Where to find hydrogen rich water ?

There are different methods of getting hydrogen rich water , Best way to generate hydrogen in a water bottle and drink it directly. Hydrogen water bottle is the best to get hydrogen rich water , it’s light and small so easy to carry anywhere you go. It’s better to choose hydrogen water bottle with higher concentration and should remain high for long time.H2life offers very high concentration (3700 ppb) of hydrogen in hydrogen water bottle and It remains 1700 ppb even after 17 hours without opening lid of hydrogen water bottle.

Read more about benefits of hydrogen molecule and hydrogen rich water : https://h2lifech.com/research/


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