hydrogen bubble bath generator

What are the characteristics of the hydrogen bubble bath generator?

With age, the skin condition is not as good as before, especially in summer, when the weather is hot, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and the skin becomes red if you don’t pay attention to it. Today I will give you some tips. Friends who want to maintain their skin in summer are no longer the only ones beauty salons can satisfy you. The hydrogen bubble bath generator has a wide range of application scenarios, and it can remedy after-sun skin at home.

Hydrogen bubble bath in summer is a good choice to quickly remedy the after-sun skin. If you go to a beauty salon for a spa once a day, the cost is relatively high, and a full-body mask is not practical. The hydrogen bubble bath generator adopts unique SPE electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen water. The hydrogen is sucked into the pump body by the water pump and cut into nano-level bubbles. Therefore, you can see that the water is full of milky white, milk-like splashes, which can nourish the skin of the whole body solves your skin care worries. The hydrogen bubble bath is not only stylish in appearance, sensitive to screen operation, and full of functions. It also has a high hydrogen concentration, up to 1400ppb, pure hydrogen, free of other impurity gases, and a long dissolution time. The hydrogen concentration remains at 500ppb after 24 hours. Features.

Hydrogen bubble bath generator

H2 life hydrogen bubble bath machine have pulley design at the bottom, a little push, it can freely slide according to the direction you give, not only for private homes bathtub, but also for beauty salons, health clubs physiotherapy care, baby swimming pool, use of It is very wide, and different places have different requirements, which can be customized according to actual needs. If you also want to take care of your whole body skin in summer, you can buy a H2 life Micro-Nano bubble bath generator to meet your needs. It has the functions of beautifying and conditioning your skin. Many experts, skin care celebrities, and people at home and abroad are here. Used and sold in more than 50 countries around the world, I believe you who have taste will love it too.


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