is the hydrogen a scam?

What you need to know about hydrogen inhaler ?

Life does not stop, and oxidation does not stop. When there is oxidation, there are free radicals. The process of generating heat will produce free radicals. Vicious free radicals will cause harm to our body. Inhalation of hydrogen mainly enters our body from the respiratory system. Using a hydrogen inhaler to inhale hydrogen is more targeted for respiratory health problems. Inhaled hydrogen first reaches our brain directly and then enters the respiratory tract into our body. A large number of studies have shown that supplementing hydrogen molecules every day can get rid of malignant free radicals, and will play a powerful role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various chronic diseases, and enhancement of body functions.
H2 life’s hydrogen inhaler can produce a sufficient and stable amount of hydrogen at 300ml/min. At the same time, we can also customize hydrogen inhaler with a flow rate of 500ml/min and 600ml/min according to customer needs. (A hydrogen inhaler with a flow rate of 100ml/min-150ml/min is under development).

Hydrogen inhaler

H2 life hydrogen inhaler does not need to be equipped with a humidifying bottle like the old hydrogen inhaler, so the hydrogen produced is of higher purity, with a purity of 99.99%, and it is more convenient to use. In addition, the hydrogen gas inhaler has a long service life, and it can also be equipped with an alarm system for bad habits detection, which is very suitable for home use. Even novices do not have to worry about difficulty in operating or accidentally hurting the machine.

Matters needing attention when using hydrogen inhaler:
1. Keep away from open flames (no smoking when inhaling hydrogen)
2. It is forbidden to stand upside down during transportation of the hydrogen inhalation machine. When it is out of service, please drain and change the water in time. If you need to transport, please empty the water in the water tank to avoid damage to the machine.
3. Press the power button, the LCD screen will light up and enter the power-on state; adjust the timing of hydrogen inhalation.
4. Water filling is based on the water level line, and there is a water level over-limit alarm system, which is easy to operate to prevent damage to the machine.
5. Unscrew the top water tank cover counterclockwise, add 1.2-1.4L of pure water, and screw on the water tank cover clockwise.
6. During use, it is forbidden to tilt the machine to prevent the water in the water tank from shaking and causing the machine to stop.


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