Best hydrogen-rich water bottle

Which brand is better to buy hydrogen-rich water bottle?

After more and more people discover the benefits of drinking hydrogen water, they want to buy hydrogen-rich water bottle for themselves or their family members. However, there are still more inferior hydrogen-rich water cups on the market. Therefore, we need to be more cautious in choosing. Believe in others casually, then where can I buy genuine hydrogen-rich water cups? It is recommended to go to brand store of H2 life from AliExpress, Alibaba or from official website to buy.

best hydrogen rich water bottle

Many manufacturers of hydrogen-rich water cups on the market only want to produce hydrogen. They don’t care about consumers, and they don’t bother about hydrogen production and also precipitate harmful substances. They only want to seek huge profits. Even if the price of such a hydrogen-rich water cup is cheap, Long-term drinking will also affect the body. There is no problem with the quality of the hydrogen-rich water cup of H2 life. The product has been certified by the European Union CE, the United States FCC, the Japanese PSE and the China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

1. Test result report of hydrogen-rich water cup

The hydrogen-rich water bottle has a high hydrogen production concentration. The average hydrogen production in 9 minutes is 3200ppb, up to 3700ppb. The higher the hydrogen concentration of the hydrogen-rich water cup, the stronger the antioxidant capacity, which can give full play to the health effects of hydrogen on the human body.

2. Safety certification, product manufacturing

3. Patented design of hydrogen-rich water cup, three uses for one bottle

Multi use hydrogen rich water bottle

4. Product advantages

1. High hydrogen concentration: the average hydrogen production in 9 minutes is 3200ppb, and the highest can reach 3700ppb.

2. High amount of dissolved hydrogen, long time

When hydrogen is produced for one hour, the hydrogen content only drops by 100-200ppb, and a high concentration of hydrogen can still be maintained in the hydrogen-rich water cup.

3. Thorough separation of hydrogen and oxygen: The hydrogen-rich water cup is completely separated from hydrogen and oxygen. It adopts advanced ion exchange membrane technology and imported DuPont 117 membrane to produce safe, efficient, non-toxic and harmless high-quality hydrogen water.

4. Safe and efficient

Material safety: The cup body is made of top food-grade materials imported from South Korea. All materials that come into contact with water are food-grade materials, which are safe and durable, odorless, and BPA-free.

Technical safety: There is no need to clean up the waste water frequently after hydrogen production, and the ozone and chlorine produced in the hydrogen production process can be discharged conveniently and efficiently to avoid the harm of malignant gases to the human body.

5. Ideal PH value: The pH value of the produced hydrogen water remains unchanged. Pure water, mineral water and general drinkable water can produce high concentration hydrogen.

6. Hydrogen water has a wide range of uses: the produced hydrogen water can be used to make tea, coffee, milk powder and so on.

There is no problem with the quality of hydrogen spring products. First of all, product qualification This part of our company’s products has long been certified by the European Union CE, the United States FCC, Japan PSE and China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.


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