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What are differences in hydrogen inhalation and hydrogen-oxygen mix inhalation ?

Herein refers to a hydrogen ventilator gas exiting from the machine are mixed hydroxide, and then the mixed breathing gas which can be hydrogen, pure hydrogen ventilator refers inhalation machine out-purity hydrogen, then The nasal suction tube pours pure hydrogen into the nostrils, and the hydrogen and air are inhaled together when breathing. The main differences between these two modes are:

1. The principle of hydrogen production may be different

In industrial applications, there is an ordinary electrolysis method using lye, which can produce hydrogen and oxygen. It is sufficient to mix hydrogen and oxygen in situations where separation is not required. For example, for oxyhydrogen welding, ignite a mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen.

Through the reaction equation of the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, it can be known that the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is about 66% of oxygen and about 33% of hydrogen.

If the generated hydrogen and oxygen are separated, ordinary electrolysis is a bit troublesome, but now there is a proton membrane hydrogen production mode that can separate hydrogen and oxygen very well, because of the unique characteristics of proton membrane (protons carry a small amount of water Molecular penetration) can produce oxygen at the anode and hydrogen at the cathode.

2. The water quality used is different

If the oxyhydrogen ventilator uses ordinary electrolysis (without proton membrane), it must use water that can conduct electricity. If lye is added, the electrical conductivity can be greatly improved, which greatly increases the efficiency of hydrogen and oxygen production.

The hydrogen inhalation of pure hydrogen must use pure water. Generally, the purer the better, the use of double distilled water or laboratory secondary analysis water, the actual use of Cestbon brand pure water can meet the requirements.

3. The same proton membrane hydrogen production can be hydrogen and oxygen or a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen

If you want, you can add the original components and control devices, and the hydrogen absorption machine for proton membrane hydrogen production. For example, hydrogen production mode 1 is pure hydrogen, and hydrogen production mode 2 is hydrogen-oxygen mixing. This can be achieved. Hydrogen-oxygen mixing is nothing more than separating the already separated Mix the opened hydrogen and oxygen together.

If this kind of hydrogen production mode is made, it is recommended that the machine be mixed with hydrogen and oxygen. Two pipes will be used to mix hydrogen and oxygen into hydrogen and oxygen near the nostril end. This is safer and avoids the violent combustion of hydrogen and oxygen to destroy the machine. .

Pure hydrogen machine or hydrogen oxygen machine is better?

So whether the hydrogen inhalation is better for pure hydrogen or hydrogen-oxygen mode, it must be analyzed from the following aspects.

1. From the perspective of hydrogen medicine

Obviously, the role of the two modes of hydrogen inhalation machine is the role of hydrogen, of course, oxygen is still helpful for some patients, that is, patients who have difficulty breathing or need oxygen.

2. From the perspective of safety

The mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen will burn violently after being ignited. If the space is small, continuous combustion may cause an explosion. Pure hydrogen can be ignited by a lighter when it is passed into the air, because only the part where hydrogen and air are in contact is reacted, and the reaction is related to the flow of hydrogen. The pure hydrogen in the duct will not burn.
Hydrogen may explode when ignited in the air. According to theoretical calculations, the explosion limit of hydrogen is 4.0% to 75.6% (volume concentration), which means that if the volume concentration of hydrogen in the air is between 4.0% and 75.6%, it will encounter an ignition source. It will explode, and when the hydrogen concentration is less than 4.0% or greater than 75.6%, it will not explode even if it encounters a fire source.

The hydrogen inhalation machine manufacturer has done experiments. The hydrogen absorption capacity of 600ml/min hydrogen can only reach about 3% in a sealed room of 10 square meters for at least 72 hours.

3. The status of hydrogen absorption machines at home and abroad

At present, high-quality hydrogen inhalation machines in Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan generally adopt pure hydrogen mode.

In short, Hydrogen believes that if the patient has difficulty breathing and needs oxygen, then the hydrogen-oxygen mixed hydrogen inhaler is the first choice. In addition, we think that the hydrogen-oxygen is more suitable for hospitals, and the pure hydrogen is more suitable for home use, because households must be considered Whether it is easy to use and robust, it is important to consider whether it is sufficiently safe and of course cost-effective.


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