Hydrogen Inhalation Machine from H2 Life

Who can use Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, some household hydrogen inhalation machines have gradually entered people’s lives, and many families have begun to buy this product. In order to enable themselves to have a healthy body, who is suitable for household hydrogen inhalation machines? ? it in the use of the process, what problems need to pay attention to it?

hydrogen storage for those people group ?

Any healthy person. Hydrogen inhalation is health care, which means to reduce free radicals, reduce aging, and reduce or interrupt the development of major diseases. No matter what kind of disease, there is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. As long as it is interrupted or delayed, it is a kind of health care. Ways to save money.

At present, people aged 40-50 are the main force of hydrogen inhalation . Most middle-aged people over the age of 40 suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other problems. In practice, drinking hydrogen water + hydrogen therapy can stabilize blood sugar without taking hypoglycemic drugs. The auxiliary effect of hydrogen on cancer . Professor Xu Kecheng summarized the effects of hydrogen on cancer into the following aspects: before surgery, neoadjuvant therapy, after surgery, adjuvant therapy, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, “guarantee” treatment, inoperable, radiotherapy and chemotherapy failure, alternative treatment, During the recovery period, prevent recurrence treatment, and preventive treatment for those at high risk of cancer. In the future, hydrogen absorption machines will be used in health and health care, and sub-health hydrogen absorption will also be known by more and more people. During the 2020 new covid19 pneumonia epidemic, Academician Zhong Nanshan recommended the adjuvant treatment of patients with hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas inhalation.

Dr Zhong Nanshan talking about hydrogen oxygen inhalation therapy in treatment of covid19
Dr. Zhong Nanshan

What are the benefits of inhaling hydrogen?
Everyone can inhale hydrogen because hydrogen is simple and safe. At present, hydrogen can quickly achieve the anti-oxidant effect. The benefits of hydrogen inhalation are health care, and it can also prevent, avoid or block major diseases development, but the benefits of inhaling hydrogen will not be given to you all at once. It takes time and time and is a process of accumulating small wins into big ones.

How big is the hydrogen flow rate ? Does the general patient hydrogen inhalation machine need a large flow rate ?
When people choose a household hydrogen machine, they need to look at its purity and flow rate. An effective hydrogen inhaler generally produces 300ml of hydrogen per minute and 600ml of hydrogen per minute. People can choose according to their own Need to choose.
What we need to pay attention to is that when using a household hydrogen inhalation machine, the water needs to be electrolyzed, so the hydrogen production water source used should be pure water, not ordinary tap water, to avoid containing a lot of chlorine.

How to choose the brand of hydrogen inhalation machine?
At present, the technological threshold for household hydrogen inhalation machines is relatively high, and more funds are required. Therefore, the relatively powerful household hydrogen inhalation machines such as H2 Life (Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd.) have a relatively high degree of recognition for mechanical equipment of this brand. . In the process of use, the hydrogen production is stable, and the concentration can reach over 99.99%, which has a good use effect. Of course, there are some small brands on the market which machines flow rate dramatically drops after using it for several months. People can carefully understand these brands before deciding which brand of machinery and equipment to buy.


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